Sunday, 21 February 2010

First Booth Experience @ WOW Carnival Putrajaya

....and WOW what an experience!!

I was at the Wow Carnival Putrajaya on Saturday together with Zilakasim, Anne and Maya as we shared a booth, bringing handmade items and sewing supplies to the market. I could only snap photos from my mobile, please excuse the bad pictures.

It was a scorching hot day as you can see here :

But it's all worth it in terms of me learning how it is to work a booth at a bazaar/market etc. It was really fun sharing the booth with the girls and it was literally a blast with KLFM booth right in front of ours, blasting out songs after songs!

The crowd was heavier in the late afternoon and got really heavy at night during the concert. I made a few sales too which is great confidence booster. All the wristlets and hair scrunchies were made by me with the help of my darling sister, Masni. Without her I don't think I'd have many things to sell on that day. She also tirelessly helped me at the booth attending to the customers etc. I love you sis, thank you!! *hugs*

But after leaving the first day at 11pm (I was there since 7am!), I was totally pooped! Now having a bad sore throat and feverish, I decided not to join the girls on the 2nd day. I need all the strength to go to work tomorrow lol

All in all, great experience, will definitely do this again! :)


  1. walaupun gambar phone, gambar ko tetap lawa lah...

    penat lagi ni walaupun hari ni sampai sana pukul 4 petang... hahahha... anyway, sgt enjoy!

  2. oh gosshhh!! i miss this one! Ruginyer tak dpt pegi. :(.. Lain kali kalau ada lg, bgtau yer..i suka singgah kalau ada craft booth nie.Geram tgk craft stuff suma tue. Anyway, jaga kesihatan yer. :) Get well soon,dear!

  3. wow...what a great experience for you...get well soon Zura

  4. What a wonderful experience.. wished i could join market/bazaar experience in the future.. best nyer tnegok you all nyer booth.. sooo many goodies and variety plak tu.. nampak best.. hope you are feeling better and ready for work today..

  5. WoW... I missed it too, got classes on weekends... rugiii, or else I get to meet the talented Zura :)Must have been exciting experience although a bit tiring... u must worked very hard cos ur booth had so much beautiful handmades... don't keep a secret next time, yeay... bole kasi support

  6. Ohh, how wonderful, it looks so amazing!! how i wish i could be there..really should be there..
    keep us inform if u should held another one anytime soon :-)

  7. Thank you friends! *hugs*

    I was a bit anxious and was not confident to announce it before the event as this is my first attempt at booths and sharing with friends some more. But will definitely be out there again soon and will make sure to announce on the blog first. Thank you for your support! :)

  8. syoknya....mesti lagi syok klu dapat singgah disana...huhuhu..
    apakan daya daku jauh di utara..huhuhu

  9. Wow..meriahnye... I wish i could be there too. I like going to bazaar & tengok memacam benda especially handmade stuff.
    Congrats zura. Each time you try someting new, there would always be a friendly butterfly tickling your tummy :)


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