Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Apron for Aisha and A Manly Pouch

These are projects finished two weeks ago but I forgot to blog about.

Aisha wanted an apron. So I cooked one up using scaled down version of my apron tutorial and added one huge, grinning pocket :D

Do you notice how girly the apron is? I used the cheapest materials here, some pink gingham and polycotton blend vintage roses print. But....this apron is actually meant for Aisha's art class in school!! LOL, I got carried away with my girly-ness and forgot it's supposed to be an art apron. Oh well, I bet Aisha will be the one with the girliest art apron in class then :P

The girls danced on the sofa during the photoshoot as if they are little chefs.

I love Hanan's expression here :D

And Hanan wanted to put it on too. It looks like a dress on her lol..I need to make another apron just for her, a teeny, tiny one.

And after that, hubby wanted a small pouch to put all his manly stuffs (dunno what they are hehe)...So I offered a few prints in man color in my stash, which of course is very limited. He refused all of them, too girly he said. Sigh...

Then he returned to the room with an old folder (usually we get for free when we attend Government's courses :P) made from thick poly+webbing mix (I dunno what material this is) and asked me to recycle it and made the pouch. And then he printed his name on iron on transfer paper and transferred it onto my cotton tape. I attached a D-ring for him to attach his office keychain etc.

So this is the result, made with love. Manly eh?


  1. wow...that's perfect fabric for a man...nice finishing too...

  2. thanks nima! that is what i consider a non-fabric lol....so plain and artificial..I wanted to use linen but he said this material is sturdier :)

  3. nak tnya yg iron transfer paper tu u beli brand apa eh?

    tp mmg manly lahh rupanye pouch tu hehhe

  4. mai, i beli Canon coz printer pun brand tu. rega dalam RM58+, tapi cotton tape tak penah lagi jumpa yang cantik. yg cream ni i recycle yg supplier kain from US wat ikat kain tu huhu...manly ek? ekeke...kelakar sangat masa offer pelbagai kain kat hubby sumer dia tak suka last2 suruh jait kain plain keras ni, hentam jelah :D

  5. hehe boyf skin plak suh gne kain yg cm material tuk wat sweater adidas tuh tuk ltk rayban die ish2.. pdhl skin dh offer kain corak keyboard lg hehehe tkpe2 skin nk wat lu br tunjuk hasilnye.. ssh kn nk wat sumthing manly..

  6. the apron is soooo cute and very girly, your girl would be the envy of her classmates..
    looking at your manly-pouch reminded me of the one i made for my hubby.. it was soooo plain and BLACK that i totally forgot about it.. i was sooo tempted to add some lace and ribbon but he was breathing down my neck to make sure i did not make the pouch sweet or kawaii.. uummpphh!! heheh

  7. suka sgt apron tu.girly abiss!!mcm nk buat je satu.pouch tu pulak really manly..sesuai la utk lelaki,simple but nice!

  8. Zura, lovely apron and a manly pouch.
    Sorry to know about your parents accident, Hope they get hail and healthy soon.

  9. thank you for the kind words friends! it's true, sewing for a man is a challenge on its own..not because of too many possibilities but because of trying to limit your imaginations lol...have a great day and *hugs*!


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