Friday, 26 February 2010

Jom Jahit - Sewing Roll

The Jom Jahit sewalong hosted by Tinihani is fun, and as always, being a slow sewist, I find myself only able to finish the projects nearing the dateline :P

Well, at least this one makes me happy once completed, for many reasons! :D

One, at last a reason to use this cute scissors print Wonderland by Momo. Two, my scissors, fabric markers and other tools now have a secure, comfy home! I misplaced them all the time as I am not much of an organised kind of person lol

So instead of sewing a crayon roll I turned it into a sewing roll for yours truly.

The fabrics I used are a bit too thin. I debated wether I should interface it, but decided to add a layer of poly batting instead. Later, I quilted the pocket through the inner body fabric (the scissors print) and the batting. The result is a comfy, cuddly roll, padded and safe for my precious sewing tools.

The top part here turned to cover the tools in the pocket so that it won't slip out when I carry the roll around. Fun project, and more to come! :)


  1. Hi Zura,

    Didn't occur to me to sew a sewing roll to organize all sewing tools... and now I have some inspiration!

    Your sewing roll is really sweet and pretty. Love the scissors print and the patchwork on the inside is cute.

    Well done!

  2. I also just finished the 'roll'.. procrastinated till the dateline was sooo near and rushed to finish it.. uhuuh love your scissors fabric, very suitable indeed..

  3. How clever is that?? I needed that this week too. I have been carrying around some hand work and finding a place for my pointy scissors has been challenging! I like your fabric choices, of course!

  4. Thank you ladies! This one turns out really useful! I now have all the tools I need in one place instead of opening and closing multiple drawers when sewing :)

  5. I really need one of these too, Im always looking for what I dont have near me. Love that scissor fabric too

  6. omg, cantiknya fabrik ni. memang sesuai dgn function sebagai sewing roll :)

  7. This is beautiful! So organized. I might have to steal this idea. I love it.


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