Sunday, 28 February 2010

Another Cherie and Love For The Little Girl

Just a quick post. I finished another Cherie wristlet for a lovely customer, Yan. Both fabrics by Amy Butler from her Midwest Modern collection. I love Amy's fabric from this collection so much! I think they are a staple for bag making, such yummy, retro prints!

On a sad note, I went to sleep last night crying as my heart goes out to the late little Shafiya. She was such a pretty and smart girl, I can't possibly imagine how could those closest to her have the heart to harm her??! I pray hard that the monster who killed her get the worst kind of punishment for what he did and please God no more this kind of news....It's disturbing to realize the breakdown of civilisation right here in this beloved, peaceful country. I blame it on weak family institutions and drugs. These kind of horrible crimes always involve drugs, the one thing that would pull our society down as it slowly turn good men into hideous monsters. Please God, save us all. Please let our children be safe to enjoy this beautiful life you bestowed upon us. Ameen...


  1. This is so darling!!! Do you mind if I blog about these one day this week? Can I grab a pic of one of your wristlets? Just let me know!

    So sorry about the death of the child you mention. We hear about that so much here. It's heartbreaking how people can be so cruel. And you are right it is a breakdown in the family unit and drugs and just generally an absence of a moral compass. So awful.

  2. I saw your Cherie bag and thought it was so cheerful, then I read about that little girl and then I didn't know what to say anymore. Seems so futile just to say what a beautiful bag you made - again! ;)
    It is impossible to understand how people can harm little children, or anyone, for that matter. I work with children and in one way they are so resilient and can survive so much, but in another, they are so dependent and innocent.

  3. Those Cherie bags are adorable.

    Any story of harm to children breaks my heart and makes me sick to my stomach. I hope and pray for the best for the child in any of these situations.

  4. Thank you Jenny, Barbara and Krissy!

    Yes, I just can't help but affected by news like this. Let's just hope those closest to us will be protected and safe. Take care!


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