Monday, 1 March 2010

Babydoll Swing Top For The Girls

It's been awhile since I've sewn anything for my angels. I thought they have so many clothes already. But the current extremely hot weather prodded me to sew this airy, loose fitting babydoll swing tops to ease them on sweltering hot days.

The pattern is from this Japanese pattern book, ISBN 9784834726893, pattern #16, with modifications. I used Jennifer Paganelli's gorgeous Casey Scroll prints from her Bell Bottoms collection. It's my favourite print, I'm collecting them in every color available.

The tops are really roomy and swingy, yet offer enough coverage as Aisha doesn't like anything sleeveless (bless her). I love how it turned out except that Aisha's ended up a bit short. I am, of course, to be blamed for that as I messed up the seam allowance during the manual gathering process. I plan to add a band or a strip of ruffle from the polkadot print to make up for that later.

Hanan's turned out perfect and it was so heart warming how she waited for me to finish sewing the top after her bath. She refused to let me dress her, only her diaper, as she asked me over and over when can she wear her new outfit! :D

As you can see the girls were happy during the photo-shoot. They were goofing around as this time daddy was behind the camera, coaching them to pose and trying hard to get decent photos. With Little Miss Hanan, that is almost impossible lol
And this smile......well, my heart just melts..... :)


  1. you are making a stir over at Sis Boom sightings..thank you so much...

  2. I love that top and would love to make one for my daughter too! Where can i find this? Your girls are beautiful too BTW. My daughter does the same, she's now waiting for me to complete her a dress!

  3. Such sweet fabric combination and the top looks really comfy.. your girls looks really happy in their new top especially the cute Hannan :D

  4. so sweet and cute! my yasmin pun tak nak pakai baju sleeveless dah.. cerewet sekarang.. suka pakai baju abang.. huhuhu

  5. the tops are so cute, and the girls are angels indeed! I, too, think my girls have enough clothes, but I know that when Summer arrives, aI'll be sewing some more for them :-)

  6. Very nice tops... and great fabric combinations! Hanan can't wait to wear her new top? So cute of her :-)

  7. ah ahhh jeles... i nya produktiviti kurang la minggu niii..
    cute aje top bdk2 ni pakai.. sukaaa

  8. comel sangat top tu.... nanti bila2 nak buat cam tu lah... (entah bila belum tahu lagi.. hahaha.. kalau ikutkan, banyak betul nak buat..)

  9. I love these! You did such a great job :) Thanks for adding yourself as a follower on my blog! I will definitely be checking back to yours :) Your daughters are just darling!

  10. cantik..cantik...suka..suka...
    nk buat camtu gak tapi..masih sempat ke..huhuhuhu....

  11. Thank you friends for the sweet comments, I really appreciate it :) Hanan is especially cute these days with her antics and growing vocabulary.

    Jennifer - I'm honoured you drop by, thank you! Love all your fabrics!

    Krissy - I purchased the pattern book here in local bookstore. It's also available on etsy, a few sellers are offering them some are US based. Try it, Japanese patterns are simple yet cute!

    Sue, dija & kak haida - *hugs* seronok dapat jait baju untuk anak2 dara ni tapi kena ikut preference dia juga hehe

    michal - yup, but girls can never have too many dresses, just look at the mommy's closet! ;)

    boeyjoey, tini, maya - thanks! sew on! :D

    Katie - Thank you! love your designs too! I just discovered your blog, love it, very inspiring

    zu - thanks dear...sempatnya..kalau dah suka mesti sempat buat :D

  12. Those are darling tops. I love to see the things you do that are so different from what we see in the USA.

  13. wow...that looks very pretty

  14. Kathy - Thank you! Gotta love the connecting power of the Internet, we don't have to travel to see what people all over the world are doing/making anymore :) These Japanese patterns are really cute and easy to sew too, try it!

    Nima - Thank you! Great to know you're feeling better and back to crafting :)

  15. Hi zura....yr blouse mmg simple, cute n comfortable lah!!!...


  16. This is so cute! And your little girls just adorable! How fun you've been featured on Jennifer's blog! Well done! Have you seen it?

  17. The tops are cute and so are your girls.... perfecto! I envy ur fabric collections... so unique and stylish..

  18. sooooooooo cute. i love how coordinate they are. love the fabrics. when i have my kids someday, u're b my role model, a sewing mother. look forward for upcoming projects. :)

  19. Mum's creation is always the best! Love the fabrics selection and the design. It makes your babes look gorgeous!

  20. Hi Kak Zura,

    Nak tanya, bila guna pattern book jepun, the seams are not included, right? I have one children japanese pattern book, tapi takut nak potong kain sebab takut tersilap potong pula, and as to finished of the edges, Ka Zura guna mesin jahit biasa (zigzag stitches) atau serger?

    Hope you can help me with this...Thanks.
    BTW, sangat suka tengok baju2 yg akak buat untuk anak2, saya sangat teruja nak mula buat untuk satu2nya anak gadis saya :) dan mungkin juga untuk baby girl yang on the way :)


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