Monday, 1 February 2010

Simple Random Sewing

Hi everyone! Felt like ages since my last post :P
Last week was crazy bz for me as my first course for the year was running. I could feel my energy being sapped away from my body as I rushed and ran around like a mad woman. Did I mention my work involve training others? Business training, specializing in small business. Thing is, every time I'm in class training others on how to set up and run businesses, I have this nagging feeling inside and keep hearing voices that goes something like this "HEY, this is what I'M supposed to be doing!!"

Uh-oh, warning sign.... LOL

Let's just put that aside now, as realistically I'm not gonna do anything about it at least for the next 2 years lol

So the weekend was bliss as I get back to the love of my life. Nothing beats being in my favourite little nook serrounded by gorgeous fabrics and spending hours dreaming, selecting, mixing and matching them. Heaven...

I made two wristlets. One using this cute butterfly AH fabric. Another one in retro blue and red colors that I patched. Both wristlets have the same blue polkadot lining with one patched pocket.
The red and blue is mine as hubby liked it and said that it looks happy and bright and remind him of the beach. So, I'm gonna carry whatever makes him happy :D

The butterfly one is up for sale and if you want me to make another one of this blue one just email me.

This travel pouch is a random bout of sewing I cooked up as I really need one pouch big enough to fit all my facial products, makeup, charger etc etc. I like the roominess and slouchiness of this and of course the bright, happy colours.

More sewing to do, till then, thanks for reading and happy crafting!


  1. Loving your sewing projects!! Love the fabric you use. Fabulous!

  2. Beautiful Zura love the pouches and fabric used :)

  3. Lovely pouches and fabrics Zura.

  4. caz - thank you for visiting! :) and I just love your blog too!

    nima - thanks! good practice with zipper I must say :)

    mayya - thank you! I had fun sewing these babies

    preeta - aww...thank you preet!

  5. i love the butterfly wristlet.

    btw zura, i dah siap ottobre dress tu. sorry cannot meet the deadline :P

  6. cepat2 buat bisnes zura... saya sokong!

  7. I missed this post. They are all so cute! Love all the fabrics!

  8. Nice combinations. I like the patterns


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