Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Coffee Coaster To Keep Me Sane

I am a hardcore coffee addict.

I drink at least 4 cups a day, and up to 6 cups on a bad day. Without it I go all groggy and incoherent.

But I'm so in tune with the caffeine in my veines, it doesn't keep me awake anymore. It functions as lubricant, to keep me going, get me through the day.

Sad, eh? Well at least I don't smoke or do drugs! :P

So when I was selected as a winner of this retro looking, super cute coffee coaster, it just completes me and my saviour at the office :D

Love it! Really brightens up my desktop, no more coffe stain rings!

If you'd like to get this for your coffee cup (or any other concoction you drink), check it out here.

p/s1 : I dare not show you more of my office. I have a very messy hole here. Books and papers everywhere, and yes, it doesn't bother me a bit hahaha

p/s2: This is a loooooooooooong overdue entry. Forgiveness I do seek from thee, the lovely Dilla from Thank you for the cute coaster! :)


  1. very cute, and needed for me too! I'll have to check them out. I'm always using dingy napkins to set my coffee on and still makes my desk yucky

  2. zura.. that's a lot kappakofi.. :-)

    dulu akak selalu elakkan minum nescafe sebab breastfeeding.. tapi lately ni nak hilangkan mengantuk akak minum jugak secawan.. lepas tu mesti sampai 4 pagi takleh tidur.


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