Sunday, 24 January 2010

Scrappy Patched Potholders - First Patchwork Attempt

Hah..another "drive the stress away" project lol

My scraps are building up. I have around 5 bags of it and never attempted to do anything with them until last night. I decided to give patchwork a try. This is my practice before I sew a big project - a baby blanket for my beloved sister in law, as she's giving birth to a long awaited baby in March. Ok not THAT big a project, but I've never done patchwork or quilt before! :P
So I made two potholders using my scraps and some funky, old terrycloth napkins as batting. I totally winged the cutting and measurement as my scraps are all in different sizes.

The first one is a mauve and black theme. It turned out square and nice shape but the stitches are really wonky. I love the square swirl quilt I did though, and the colour scheme too.

Then I proceed to make another one coz it's weird to have just one potholder.
This time instead of basting stitches before quilting, I used safety pins to hold the patched top and the terry napkin together. I love it! So easy and saves a lot of time.

The second potholder has a rectangle shape and really wonky!! Hahaha...I don't really care coz my eyes are only attracted to the happy, retro prints and colors.

The back

I find patchwork really fun!! Definitely will move on to bigger projects.

And to think that these babies will brighten up my kitchen, bliss....

So which one you like better? :D


  1. wow...that nice....great way for stash buster...

  2. good idealah zura.. nowadays selalu dapat terry cloth tu bila pegi orang kawin ke kenduri ke tapi tak guna pun.. ni boleh lah try ni. tq zura for sharing.. :-)

  3. Very cute idea! I will have to say I am looking at your machine quilting pretty closely, you are GOOD girl! Maybe this would be a great way for me to learn to machine quilt!!!

  4. huhu.. kesian kzura kena praktis dulu nak jahit blanket for my baby. skrg ni rasa mcm tak sabar nak beranak sbb rasa penat yg teramat. 6 weeks to go... chaiyok!!!

  5. Great idea !! to use up scrap...
    I like the first one mauve and black. Lovely backing fabric too.

  6. nima - thank you! yup, a great way to use up all those small scraps, too precious to throw away lol.

    kak haida - sama2..hehe..betul lah kak sekarang orang kawen banyak bagi towel ni, dari disimpan je, baik pakai buat batting. zura wat ni nipis coz selapis je, lagi elok kalau dapat 2-3 lapis :)

  7. jenny - aww thank you! I was afraid to try coz I've yet to invest in a walking foot. But a small project like this works ok without it. Perhaps it depends on the type of batting used too. :)

    huda - hehe...kak zura buat simple je blanket tu nanti, pakai flannel backing..kena practice takut tak jadi naya.. sian kat baby..hah 6 minggu tu kejap je...kena banyak sabar bawak perut ni hehe..

  8. preeta - thanks! I somehow am drawn to blue and pink but the mauve one has a better shape :)

  9. very chic potholders indeed.. macam sayang plak nak guna.. Great way to reduce the piling fabric scraps!! well done with the patchwork dear.. looking good

  10. sue - thanks babe. I dah guna wat angkat periuk nasi hehe...need to get some tips on quilting from you la...takde walking foot ni, boleh ke I wat baby blanket ek? :)

  11. Zura,
    i pun buat potholder masa baru nak buat patchwork :)

    i ada beli walking foot +-Rm80, tapi tak pakai pun bila quilt. malas nak bukak screw heheh.i pakai foot biasa aje. i suka stich in the ditch :)

  12. Along, definitely aku akan try dalam masa terdekat...heheh tapi aku copy style ko juelaa mungkin aku improvise sikit..ko lapik ngan towel biru tu ke utk tebalkan potholder tu?

  13. dura - waaa....I tengah mencari walking foot ni coz ada project blanket coming up...tak penah guna and the thing looks monstorous! :)

  14. angah - yup! alaa...pakai je towel lama yang dah buruk ke wat lapik...kalo 2 lapis lagi bagus! kan mama selalu buat masa kita kecik2 dolu hehe


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