Friday, 22 January 2010

Jom Jahit - A-Line Dress

When I worry, I look for something to distract myself.

So after "studying" for my IELTS exam, I sewed this A-line dress for Tinihani's Jom Jahit, a sewalong :D

I mean, how do you "study" a language?! I ended up reading a few articles, learned a few new words and pray I'll remember them in the Writing module tomorrow. Oh well, I'll just brave it through then. English is my second language, no point putting my hopes too high. A 6.5 would be good enough for me.

Back to the dress. Love it!

I chose the third one in Tinihani's list of tutorials. I wanted an intermediate project where I can attempt a zipper. It is from this tutorial.

I skipped the ruffle, too lazy for gathering fabric today. But I used invisible zipper and this is my second attempt at one. The result, let's just say I'm grinning from ear to ear :D

Look Ma, it's completely concealed! :D

The fabric is a pretty Japanese cotton from my stash. I only have half yard of it left, had a tough time deciding to use it. But the texture is really soft I knew it would be comfy on Hanan. So glad I used it. Not sure about my print placement though. I always have problem with large print placement.

I learned a lot with this project. The stitch in the ditch trick to anchor the facings is brilliant! The shape is just nice for the little miss. And she's pretty happy with it too :P

Thanks for reading. I'm gonna get back to my worrying about the exam tomorrow now *sigh*...


  1. comel dress.. :-)

    gud luck for ur xm.. dont worry, your english is good... i bet u score with flying colors..

  2. Really cute dress! And with a tiny model like Hanan, print placement is not an issue.

  3. neeza - thanks! dah lama tak amik exam, rasa cam dah lupa how it feels..using the language in daily lives & being tested for it are two very different things..isk takutlah..

    leezra - thank you! I feel better about the print placement now! :)

  4. I love how the roses sits around the neckline.. looks like you've added embellisment.. very pretty fabric indeed, and Hannan looks very comfy in that dress.. good job Zura with the invisible zipper..

    As for the IELTS, it's more of learning the techniques on how to attempt it, managing your time and fullfilling the requirement of the question. Have you tried the past year questions? (I used to prepare students for IELTS). I'm sure you'll do just well.. all the best!!

  5. lawanye the dress, the fabric!!

  6. yay! zura dah siap..
    cantik baju ni.. aku dah siap gak bahagian atas.. belum letak ropol lagik... malas betul rasanya sbb asek dok batuk jer.. jap lagi nak pi tido dulu (sbb makan ubat batuk ngantuk ni).. pastu kalau bertenaga baru sambung.. :D

  7. thank you friends! I survived the test lol, not that bad I guess...speaking will be on Monday, and after that I'm free yeay! have a great weekend! :)

  8. cantikkk baju tu.. i dah tgk masa u tgh jahit lg.. nanti i pon nak try jahit guna zip pulak la.. eii ngerii dgn zip hahahah

  9. zura, cantik.
    ok lah prints placement tu.
    i pun mcm hani ngeri dengan zip sebab tu tak buat yang ini hihi.

    btw,how's your oral/speaking test?

    ps: sampai sekarang belum trace pattern ottobre.omg macam mana ni??!!

  10. nima - thank you :)

    tinihani - lol...sian you bertahan in my messy sewing room, itu pun I dah kemas sikit2 before you come hahaha....try lah zipper, mencabar tapi lepas dua kali buat dah ok dah hehe

    dura - i just arrived home hahaha...not too shabby the test I say...oklah cukup makan kot..btw, jangan marah I dah siap ottobre punya tengah edit gambar...dura, senang sgt jaitnya, yg remeh nak trace pattern tu je.. :D

  11. cantinyaaa fabrik..mana nak beli ek long? Nak jahit blouse laa

  12. angah - beli ngan aku je la...banyak kat umah ni ha...cost price jer...

  13. nice dress..kain pun cantik. hehe..

    btw, tgk tutorial dia mcm susah skit nak terbalikkan kain ke dalam kn? mcm mana ek zura buat?

  14. Hi Ida! Thank you :) No email to reply so I reply kat sini je ya? Tak susah nak terbalikkan facing bahagian dada tu, tapi memang cam sempit sikit muncung kain tu hehe....I hentam je pastu iron...kalau nak lagi senang maybe boleh pin safety pin kat hujung and sorongkan utk terbalikkan facings tu. Good luck! :)

  15. Hi Tash! Unfortunately this is not a designer fabric that comes with a name..It was store bought locally & its a lightweight cotton almost like cotton sateen :)

  16. Love love the dress and fabric..Do you by any chance know the name of the fabric please?


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