Thursday, 21 January 2010

Kitty Bag and Coin Purse

Those kittens are the cutest!
I love this fluffy cats Michael Miller fabric. Been in my stash for quite sometime. It's thicker than other quilting cotton so I figured a bag is the best project for it.

I used the same coordinating pink dots and string I used before. But this time I handsewn pink buttons to hide the stitching I made to attach the string to the bag. The bag is really small and pass as a pouch I quess. Great for storing little girl treasures!
Finished this coin purse for the lovely Ct :)
She chose Ontranto in Sage by Alexander Henry and a coordinating pink stripes by Sandi Henderson for the lining. A pretty simple pouch. I added ribbon tab and zipper pull for added jazz.
I'm still waiting for my woven label from manufacturer. For now, my handmade cotton tape label will do.
This Saturday and next Monday - I'm sitting for my IELTS exam. Other than that all spare time will be spent on completing two sewalongs, the Ottobre sewalong and Tinihani's Jom Jahit. Can't wait to get back to sewing clothes! :)
Till then, have a great day!


  1. Zura,

    The kitty bag is really sweet. I wonder if it's for sale? And if it is, then what's its price?

    I suka sangat ngan kitty cats. Ada 2 ekor kat rumah.


  2. hi avonne! comel kan? I love kittens tapi sejak ada baby hubby tak bagi bela, sedih...and now my girls asyik merayu kt abah dia nk bela cats hehe...this one dah ada yg me kalau masih minat maybe i boleh design satu lagi depending on size. Thanks! :)

  3. OMG!!!zura, they are awesome especially those kittens!! cantik bangat beg2 tu....

  4. thank you aimila! huhu...I sayang kitty print tu..dah lama beli ni baru jait..I'm glad I used it for the bag, happy happy! :)

  5. cute and cute.. as always.. all the best for IELTS this weekend..

  6. nima - thank you :)

    sue - thanks! it's been a long time since my last exam, so not keen on sitting another one huhu

  7. Long...aku nak start jahit baju laa sew along, nanti aku pi umah ko amik kain tuh dan trace pattern..Mesin dah OK..heheh baru nak jahit blouse utk diri sendiri...tgklaa hasilnya nanti ekk...cantiknya beg kitten ni...the best dari yg banyak2 ko jahit..I'm sooo proud of you sister!!! Really I DO!

  8. Alamak apsal kuar transformer dan gambar abe nih? hihihi hantam sajalahh.. aku dah semangat balik nak menjahit nih!

  9. ngah - sejak bila ko jadi transformer? ekeke...kelakar lah! hehe...dah lamo den tunggu sew along kimono pjs ngan ko ni...cepat arrr...Hanan ngan Aisha dah kehabisan baju tido you sis!

  10. It would be more interesting  and beneficial if step-by-step sewing tutorials are posted together with the picts of products posted.

  11. It would be more interesting  and beneficial if step-by-step sewing tutorials are posted together with the picts of products posted.


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