Monday, 28 December 2009

Totally Winging It - Shirred Floral Dress

I dabbled a bit in designing today.

Found a pretty floral rayon cotton blend (cue Malaysian readers : many call this fabric as viscose, but no, it is actually rayon cotton blend) in my stash. This is an old one. I think circa 2000. I purchased and stashed in my usual manner a long time ago :P

So I looked at it and fell in love again with its soft and supple texture. Such lovely, flowy hand, it begs to be sewn sumthin' pretty. So I designed a dress using 3 rectangles and my favourite shirring technique.

The result is satisfactory. The ruffled effect is exactly as I imagined it. But the straps need to be taken off 1 or 2 inches. I will also have to find the best way to attach the straps to the body so that the stitching is completely concealed.

Other than that, little miss Hanan is happy with the dress. Mainly due to the cool feel of rayon cotton. This make a nice garden party or attending-a-wedding dress I think.

Am working on another project, till then, thank you for reading and have a great day! :)


  1. Very cute!! I like it - you're awesome at shirring too!!

  2. This is very, very cute! Love the straps. And the fabric is just adorable.

  3. What a wonderful little dress!
    and you're such a fabric goddess- now i know the right name for this type of fabric.thanks

  4. cute...pretty fabric too

  5. cantik sangat... hanan nampak sweet pakai baju ni.. gambar tepi pantai ni mesti cantik...

  6. thank you ladies :)

    I'm not entirely happy with the dress yet, need to work more on the straps. i know for sure now shirring works fabulously on lighter weight fabrics :)

  7. seperti selalu....cantik bangat... saya amat suka sekali... sangat cute patternnya...


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