Monday, 23 November 2009

Tutorial : Simple Ruffled Apron

Fabric : Barefoot Roses and Darla by Tanya Whelan, Grand Revival Designs

I consider this simple because I did not make pockets and was able to finish this in an hour. The result is cute and it jazz up a bit the basic full apron pattern. Here's how I make my new ruffled apron :

1. Start with the basic pattern for the body. Use the measurement above and draft. I drafted mine directly on the fabric. Just fold the fabric, right side together and draw the shape using your ruler and fabric marker/chalk on the wrong side. Of course you can also draft it on paper first if you want.

Cut along the drawn line, 1 piece from main fabric. Then take the cut main fabric and pin it to lining fabric as a guide to cut the lining piece.

REMEMBER: This pattern is cut ON FOLD. This means the long side (25" here) lies on folded side of the fabric.

2. Next, cut the ruffle fabric. Cut 1 piece using the measurement above from contrasting fabric. No lining is needed for ruffle.

Now, cut the ties pieces :

Neck = 2 pieces Main Body fabric 2.5" x 20"

2 pieces Ruffle fabric 2.5 " x 20"

Waist = 2 pieces Main Body fabric 2.5" x 24"

2 pieces Ruffle fabric 2.5 " x 24"

3. Take the neck ties main and ruffle fabric, right side together. Stitch 1/4" on both long sides to create a long tube. Turn the tube right side out. Do the same with waist ties. You will have four tubes.

Turning tubes can be a nightmare. Here's how I do it :

Press all four ties. Fold in short end of each ties and press.

4. Now, top stitch the ties using narrow 1/8" stitch, enclosing the raw edge of the short edge of each ties.

5. Place the main body piece and the lining fabric right side together. Sew ¼" seam on all sides except the bottom. Leave two inches gaps as shown above to insert the ties later. Turn the main body piece inside out and press well.

6. Insert the ties at the neck and waist openings. Next, topstitch the body piece edges (at neckline, armsyche and sides), securing the ties. You can also backstitch at the ties to strengthen the seam.

7. Make the ruffle. Fold 1/2 " of the two short ends and press. Then fold the ruffle in half along the long edge, wrong side together and press again. This will make double thickness, no lining ruffle. Stitch 1/8" the two folded in short edges to close the sides.

8. Use your preferred technique of gathering for the ruffle (either use a ruffler foot, manually using two rows of basting stitch or by adjusting the tension of your sewing machine). Align to make sure the gathered ruffle piece is the same length with the body piece.

9. Flip the ruffle and align the raw edges on the right side of the body piece as shown. Pin the ruffle in place. Stitch the ruffle to the body piece. Trim and finish the seam either with zig zag stitch or serger. Press the seam towards upper body piece.

10. Top stitch the body to the ruffle and you're done!

Enjoy your new apron! J


  1. zura... seperti biasa I mesti kekaguman dgn your fabric... cantik gilos!... (rock tak akak??)Nak try jugak la your pattern ni...

    I could still remember my first apron, masa form 1 kelas sains rumah tangga (about 28 yrs ago)... kain pink checked cotton biasa tu... siap buat sulam tangan lagi kat bawah...

  2. tq kak ain, you rawk as usual hehe :)
    fabric tu from my shop, ada lagi if kak ain minat nak beli, just email zura ya? my daughter tanya "Boleh ke kotorkan apron cantik ni masa masak mommy?" hentam jelah lol

  3. zura, gorjes betul apron ni. i pun sayang kalau nak pakai masak sebab cantik sangat.

    btw, nice tutorial!

  4. tq dura! memang sayang but i need an apron, banyak baju i rosak kena minyak, sambal masa masak hehe...takpe..kotor kalu campak je dalam mesin :D

  5. beautiful!
    And THANK YOU for the clear & simple tutorial!

  6. Thank you so much for putting this together. I was planning on making some aprons for Christmas presents.

  7. What a beautiful apron!!! Thanx for the tutorial!!!

  8. thank you ladies, glad you like the tute! i would love to see your versions :)

  9. I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog, so I could find yours. :) You have so many cute things on here, including two beautiful litte girls. This apron is just what I've been looking for for Christmas gifts. What perfect timing.

  10. salam zura,
    thx sebab sudi share this tutorial and saya sudah mencuba but masih kena perbaiki sebabnya saya potong terlalu panjang and dah melebihi paras lutut bila pakai..huhu..

    go to this link utk tengok hasilnya..hehe

    thx again.. :)

  11. Hi Lynn! Sorry for not replying earlier! Btw, I think this should work, measure the body accross and divide by 2 + 1 inch for seam allowance. Use that number in place of the 14.5 inches line on the pattern. It helps to draw on paper first also. I really hope that helps! :)

  12. Hi! Sorry for not replying earlier! Btw, I think this should work, measure the body accross and divide by 2 + 1 inch for seam allowance. Use that number in place of the 14.5 inches line on the pattern. It helps to draw on paper first also. I really hope that helps! :)

  13. I have the same question about the plus size apron.


  14. How do I make it for a very large women size 4x


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