Thursday, 19 November 2009

Inspirations - Sew Hip Magazines

I wanted to write about where I draw my sewing inspirations other than the fabulous creative indie blogs I frequent every day.

Sew Hip Magazine published by Kalmedia. I love it. It turns sewing, an endeavour once exist out of necessity into a modern women's avenue for expressing creativity, sharing love and inspirations. Every issue is packed with wonderful projects with full sized patterns plus step by step instructions. More than that it includes valuable information about all things related to sewing and crafts.

This magazine is from the UK, thus it arrives here in Malaysia one month late. I don't have a subscription. Every month I haunt the bookstores to get the latest issue. Most bookstore only carry one copy so if it's gone, it's gone. You can order back issues from it's website here.

Oh, one perplexity I would like to share here. Lately I noticed that sewing magazines are getting less and less space on our bookstores' magazine stands. Instead, a lot of knitting magazines being offered. And by a lot, I mean multiple issues of knitting magazines put on the shelf. I understand the trend for warm, knitted clothing in other countries where winter is approaching. But in this land of perpetual summer (even in the current rainy season), I just don't get it. Can't help wondering if our local magazine dealers did any research about Malaysian craft scene.

But then again, perhaps I'm wrong. Perhaps there is indeed a large community of knitters in Malaysia I don't know about. I'm wondering aloud here mainly out of frustrations. It's so difficult to get good quality sewing magazines here. Especially when my favourite mag, Burda World of Fashion (BWOF) was no longer distributed in Malaysia. I'd been a faithful collector for years and it's so sad now that I can no longer buy it. I'll write about that magazine in another post. For now I'm enjoying my divine Sew Hip magazines.

Till then lovely peeps, have a great day ! :)


  1. i agree kenapa la bnyk sgt knitting mag instead of normal sewing. and nak jmpa sew hip ni mmg susah la i tak pernah jmpa pun...

    u beli kat mana?

  2. betul tu zura.. everytime i cari sewing mag asik2 jumpa knitting. betul jugak.. takdelah pulak nampak orang kita pakai baju tu

  3. Thanks i recently asked a friend of mine who was in UK to buy this magazine for me and i loved it and planning to subscribe to it.

    Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

  4. mai - memang banyak sgt knitting mags, nak cari satu sewing mag pun susah. i beli kat MPH. ada jugak jual kat independent mamak magazine shops tu. tapi so far i tengok sumer cuma jual satu copy je mag ni

    kak haida - betul kan? zura pun pikir saper yang buat sweater bebanyak kat mesia ni? huhu

    Mayya - yup, subscribtion would solve the problem of missing any issue :)

  5. at least got sewing magazine!! kat sini its only Threads magazine not really sewing magazine lah more like technique with 1 - 2 patterns. BWOF lagi lah susah nak dapat. In singapore its easier to find. I ade a few copy of BWOF and i recently scored 9 back issues from kijiji (used item site) for cheap! so nice!

  6. Aida, nowadays even Threads is nowhere to be found kat sini huhu...yang ada cuma AU Smocking, some Inspirations AU,Sew Beautiful (all nice but heirloom sewing focus, not exactly my interest) AU Stitches (yg ni I beli gak kadang2 for the tips and tricks, but banyak ads sgt). Sedihla..I paling suka BWOF tu tapi dah discontinued...

  7. zura, BWOF is not discontinued but renamed to burda style i think!

  8. aida, i mean disconntinued circulation in Malaysia..end of last year if I'm not mistaken. the new ones ni lagi cantik2 design dia tapi i telan air liur je..i can only subscribe direct after come back from Oz, like in 2 years! uwaaa....

  9. I second your frustration ...sewing lovers need fresh ideas and inspirations every now n then and these magazine certainly give lot of inspiration ...

  10. Hi, I certainly understand the frustration of a good sewing magazine. I got my Burda from Singapore, got this Mrs Stylebook from pavillion last week, very good one too. However, everywhere is really limited...but tons of knitting and beading mags...which I could not understand it. I could not get a proper dressform either. I am now looking into subscribing burda and others from Singapore, definitely a trip to Kinokuniya Singapore in store very soon to stock up everything.


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