Monday, 2 November 2009

Pink Polkadot PJ for Hanan

I started a few projects this weekend but only managed to complete this one. I am working on another major attempt (by my standard) at sewing a garment for myself. Will have to see if I can conquer that one before the end of the week. The best thing about sewing for yourself is, there's no pressure to finish it on time (only if there's no special event dateline in the picture lol).

This is a simple PJ for Hanan. Peasant style top with capri pants. Material is comfy lightweight cotton, dunno why it looks shiny in the pictures. I accidentally cut both sleeves with the selvedges, too lazy to thread elastic there, decided to just leave it as it is. Perhaps I'll thread it on another day.

More than the Pjs itself, I love Hanan's expressions. :)


  1. She looks so cute bless her looking forward to your finished garment!

    I have yet to make something to wear for myself


  2. cute cute cute!!!
    i wish i have kids to dress up like urs :)

  3. i personally think that the sleeves will look better with elastic.

    nak buat untuk safiya cute on hanan, bet it will look cute on safiya too :)
    (.....mmm bila la nak buat ni??)

  4. mayya - thank you.. :) i'm still working on my garment, hoping I won't mess it up lol..sewing adult garments can be challenging, and i tend to be over anxious that i'll make mistakes :D

    alviana - thank you dear! hopefully soon ya? the kids i mean ;)

    dura - tulah, i pun rasa cantik ngan elastic, tapi me cam biasa , tak sabar hehe...can't wait to see safiya's! :)


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