Thursday, 29 October 2009

Alternate Print Dress and Top

I realised I forgot to blog about this one.
Simple peasant style (again) top for Aisha and dress for Hanan. The fabric is very lightweight cotton purchased locally. The pattern again from CarlaC called Molly from

This style has a tapered/shapy hips which makes it a bit more fitted. It also has elastic threaded at the waist. Since the cotton is very thin and comfy, both the girls prefer to wear this to sleep on warm nights.
Aisha in particular love it so much she'd wear it every other night. It's good that the clothing I make for them gets a good amount of wearing and washing before they outgrow it.

The view from the back of the dress & top


  1. Wow! you have great talent! I love looking at all your sewing projects. I featured your beautiful shirred top at Grab my "featured" button.

  2. The tops came out so cute! And your little girls are adorable too! Great job!


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