Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Garment I Was Talking About

It's the popular Simplicity 3835 Built By You pattern by designer Built By Wendy.

I read rave reviews all over the net on this pattern and how it's the best pattern for beginners. I got it at a bargain, on sale at for only $2.99!

I sewed the tie sleeves version. I did pretty good with the sleeves and the tie band facings. But I had a hard time with the neckline and back zipper. I used 16" invisible zipper instead of the 20" lapped zipper as in the pattern. Sewing invisible zipper is not as easy as it looks. The neck facing was a struggle for me. Once, when I realized I need to rip the seams and reattach the neck band, I put this project aside for 2 weeks!
I sewed size 12. The tunic is wearable but it is a tad too tight for me in the middle (my ample tummy doesn't help :P). I know this can be fixed by reducing the generous seam allowance.

I chose a shabby rose print cotton and soft, pinkish polkadots trimming simply because I wanted to see how does a retro-ish pattern like this would look like using feminine, girly print. Some might think it's not modern enough, but I love this combination.

Overall, I think the tie sleeves view I chose is a little bit ambitious at my present skill level. I should have started with the easier option. But once completed, I fell in love all over again with the design!


  1. feminin.. girly print.. i like!! :-) i would have the same problem with that neckline and yup! invincible zipper is not as easy for me too huhu! need more practice i guess

  2. thank you kak haida! dunno what i did wrong, i messed up the neckline. tapi coz fikir bila pakai tak nampak (dlm tudung) hentam jelah..hehe i definitely need more practice too :)

  3. kudos to zura! love this tunic.


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