Tuesday, 17 November 2009

3rd Margaret Bag for Aisha

Whatt?? Another one??

YESS! It's for Aisha...The first one was too big for her, the 2nd one was for my sister and I don't have the heart to say no to her as she likes the 2nd one so much and wanted one too.

After making it twice, the process for the 3rd one is so much easier. To make the bag smaller for Aisha, I scaled down around 1/2 inch of the pattern and used the shoulder bag variation. The bag turned out so cute and actually make a perfect purse for me! But then again, this is for Aisha, I must not be tempted :D

I used another fun Chocolate Lollipop print by Anna Maria Horner. I wanted a darker colour so that it can withstand stains a bit longer than a lighter coloured fabric.

The inside is lined with dark brown tiny polkadot basic print from RJR Fabrics. I used decorative stitch for the pockets too.

As you can see from the 1st pic, Aisha's happy and smiling with her bag. She can actually sling it across her body, just the way she wanted it. And I know that when she brings this to her extra classes (school is almost over, so it's gonna get a lot of use next year), she will have a unique, one of a kind bag coz it's handmade by her momma.

I love making bags!!


  1. That is a beautiful bag. I'm sure she is very proud to own it.

  2. thank you trudy and hollie! :)

  3. Zura, Its beautiful.... what lovely collection of fabrics you've got. I can see how happy your little aisha is.

  4. zura.. i nak sangat jahit margaret bag ni. susah tak? ada tutorial i boleh refer?

  5. kak haida, 1st time jahit tu agak challenging tapi tutorial dia very clear and with your experience konfem senang lah kak :) kalau ikut tute asal banyak keping kain kena potong, tapi zura cuma guna fusible interfacing je.

    akak download je tute dia kat sini http://www.ohfransson.com/oh_fransson/2008/11/margaret-sling-bag.html

  6. thanks zura, sekarang ni tgh proses menjahit. will make an entry about it soon. tqvm


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