Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sew It - Simple Sundress and Top

Done it! I joined the Sew It - a sew along organised by lovely Mayya at Sew Chic and Unique when I saw they are sewing this simple sundress, an online tutorial over at Habitual.

I've seen this tute before but never got around to sewing it. So, this sew along is a great motivator for me to create. And of course, as I found out the best way to get Hanan to wear what I sew for her is by sewing identical garments for her sister, I made two! She gets really excited now and pestered her sister to put on the dress quickly and had a big smile when both of them walk hand in hand.

Aisha wears everything with jeans and not very keen of dresses. So I made this as a top for her. Fabric is Heather Bailey's Pop Garden - a bright red essence for Aisha and a softer peachy one for Hanan. I love this collection so much...

Sewed both dress & top for 2 hours. Really simple, pillowcase-style construction. The armhole was quite large so both my daughters wanted the t-shirt inside. Seen here at their grandparents house for a lunch party.

And this little cupcake always warms her mommy's heart with that smile :)


  1. zura...they look very pretty with their new dress. I love the fabric too...

  2. WOW they turned out great Zura the girls look really happy :D
    Thanks for taking part it Sew IT :)

    Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

  3. beautiful dresses! they look so adoreable and cute. and that heather bailey's fabric is gorgeous as always. i have some more designer fabrics in my shop if u interested?? :)

  4. The colour combinations are gorgeous. If I had 2 little girls I would dress them in matching clothes too! So cute.

  5. cantik sungguh dress and top tu... the fabric pun cantik sangat...

    saya belum pernah jahit dress guna online tutorial.. mesti cuba ni...

    selama ni jahit dress anak-anak guna pattern yang arwah mak ajar je....

  6. thank you ladies!

    nima & mayya - thank you for having me in the Sew It, would love to join again :)

    alviana - would definitely have a look @ your shop, am eyeing that lovely JD damask print ;)

    melinda - thank you! it's a bit difficult to get my little one to wear what i sew these days, lucky this trick worked! :D

    kak nurain - mekasih...cubalah tutorial ni, senang je..tapi pattern yang arwah mak akak ajar tu pasti lebih special & meaningful kan? bagi i menjahit ni eratkan kasih sayang ibu & anak :)

  7. I love them! And I love your fabric selections!

  8. thank you amy! could not have done it without your fabulous tutorial :)

  9. I love this dress. I tried to make one. I guess for a beginner at sewing I did okay but I hope that I can better my skills as I get more practice. Here is my blog if you'd like to check it out, I have only posted a couple of my projects but I hope to keep posting something new everyday.


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