Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Pencil Case for Aisha

Hi there! How are you? I had a rough Monday and still feeling sickly today. This post is to lift my spirit up.

Made this during the weekend. A pencil case for Aisha as the one she had went kaput. I used this super clear tutorial. It turned out a bit small, it will make a perfect cosmetic pouch for me actually. But the result is so cute, I beamed the whole time admiring it. Note that this is actually my first zipper, not difficult at all.

Aisha loves it but already asking for a bigger one to stuff all her colour pencils. I think a heavier cotton canvas would hold the boxy shape better. Will make this again soon, promise!

I lined the case with cute brown dots cotton fabric. I used fusible interfacing instead of the sewn in one as indicated in the tute.

Hmmm...mission accomplished! Time for a cuppa (and some aspirin, ouch..)!


  1. cantiknya pencil case.... so vibrant...so colorful...

    last week pun I buat pencil case tapi I guna kain jenis jeans je... lining pun tak de...

  2. hi zura.. how r u feeling now?

    wah! dah bertambah2 kreatif sekarang ye.. seronok i tengok.. :-) my sewing mood masih tak datanglah sejak raya haritu.. mentang2lah cuti raya.. menjahit pun cuti. i realy like the box pencil case.. fabric cantik sangat

  3. thank you kak ai & kak haida!

    zura tak sihat dah 3 hari..tapi gagahkan jugak masuk ofis.

    kak ain, your work cantik, pencil case tu zura paling suka embroidered butterfly tu! teringin nak buat tapi ada mesin biasa je ni...

    kak haida, mehla sambung jait, suka tengok hasil terbaru akak :)


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