Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A Peasant Blouse for Myself

This one is made from the pattern I won in the giveaway by Denise from Whimsy Couture. I loooove the result. First time sewing my own garment and it's so gratifying!

What I love about Denise's pattern is her cutout method, which is brilliant! Saves so much pasting-pattern-pieces and cutting time. I made this one in size L (yes, I'm that size *sigh*) and fits me nicely. Oh, I have to mention, the tailoring strip trick is amazing! It gives the blouse a shapely curve, exactly how I like my clothes to be. The only thing I change when sewing this is I shirred the neckline instead of threading elastic. I also made it longer to fall mid thigh, a bit more tunic-like.

The only thing I'd like to change is the contrasting thread. I should have used a matching coloured one, but I'm just plain lazy here. The fabric here is locally purchased lightweight cotton. It's a bit busy for my taste. But I like it anyway. Mama mia!
peasant blouse2


  1. Zura...that looks awesome and gorgeous...

    i know how happy you are about yourslef with your self handmade dress...

  2. Zura, you are a genius! Thank you for posting this! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you!!!

  3. salam zura,
    so pretty and love the colours!

  4. nima - thank you! yes, very happy when I managed to complete a sewing project. and it's much more meaningful than simply buying clothes off the rack

    denise - LOVE all your patterns! please keep me posted if you come out with new designs :)

    Redcomel - salam..thank you for dropping by! seronok menjahit ni kan? i dah jatuh chenta dengan hobby ni :D

  5. Zura loving this top!

    I am off to check out Whimsy Couture!

    Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

  6. Your top turned out so nicely! It looks great on you.


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