Thursday, 15 October 2009

Amy Butler’s Kimono Style PJs - Gift For Baby Iman

kimono pj1
I finished making a handmade Kimono PJs as a gift for a colleague's new baby boy, Iman. I'm a bit late as he's already 2 months old now.

This is a pattern from Amy Butler's pattern book Little Stitches for Little Ones, the Kimono Style PJ. I used the 3-6 months size as my colleague said his baby has already outgrown newborn size. The fabric is beautiful, whimsical baby print from the Hushabye Colection by Tula Pink. This is the closest boy print I could find in my stash. There's still some hints of pinks in it J

The construction of this PJ is fairly easy. I know my way around most of it even when the book does not have many pictures in the sewing instructions (lots of beautiful final product pictures though). The hardest part for me was the bias binding. I think I've missed the "single fold" part and prepared a double fold bias. I ended up having a narrower bias trim. Other than that, the whole experience of sewing this special kimono pj was beautiful......

kimono pj2
.....because I've yearned for a baby boy since forever....after two girls (which I adore and wouldn't change for anything), I dream of a little boy to cherish and to love. I actually went to hubby after finishing this kimono, and whispered that I want a baby boy. He looked at me, smiled, kissed my forehead and basically stayed away from me the whole night LOL!

So for now, this special handmade gift will go to baby Iman. Hope it will fit him and I've asked my friend to take a picture of him in it (coz I have not seen him personally) and perhaps I could feature him here.

kimono pj gift
Off to find its new owner. Fabric card I made up from my fabric scraps.


  1. cantiknya pj ni zura.. betul tak tipu.. :-)

  2. baru i nampak real fabric yg raindrops tu..i tot the raindrop tu besar...cute2 jek rupanya...and i seriously tak paham buku amy butler tu la sbb im more to picture than words..

  3. Aww its so cute i am sure baby Iman will look ever so handsome in it cant wait for the pics!

    Binding is one thing i am yet to try and i so envy you for being able to get your hands on such beautiful fabric!

    I laughed at the fact that you hubby staying away from you LOL

    Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

  4. thank you ladies!

    kak haida - you're so sweet... :)

    okinokiyo - comel sangat drops tu..perasan tak kat trimming tu terbalik drops dia? LOL, my bad! banyak pattern book takde photo memang susah sket nak faham..especially ottobre lagi pening! tapi after practice ngan picture tutorial for sometime dah boleh ikut :)

    mayya - i really hope this will fit baby Iman, the pic will come next week :) some of these fabrics are available locally but i do purchase a lot from etsy. don't they ship to Oman?

  5. lawa lah. i like the full moon forest better than hushabye but the kimono is soo cute! i nak buat a few for my friend who is expecting.

  6. Aida, full moon pun cantik2 gak kan? i think hushabye is best for babies...can't wait to see your fabric interpretation of the kimono :)

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  8. This is absolutely lovely! The prints co-ordinate so well :-).

    I've sewn kimono pjs before, but the neckline went all wonky when worn... maybe I chose a size too big...

  9. I am so confused by the trim for the pants on this pattern, it had me cut 2 that fit the bottoms and then it had me cut 2 an INCH wider which totally don't "fit" or match the other side of the bottom of the pants. So confused!

  10. Hi pixie! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    I think I know what got you confused. I just looked at the pattern again and yes the trim for bottom of the pants are different in width.

    They're supposed to be cut 2 for the Front pattern & 2 (wider by 1 inch) for the Back pattern. Not 2 each for the left and right legs. The Back pattern is wider than the front and the trims are attached to the front and back pants before the pants in & outer seams are stitched.

    I hope I'm not confusing you more lol! Please feel free to email me if you need more explainantion ya? I'm happy to help :)

  11. got it! finished them tonight :)

    My brain is totally backwards with sewing, it's going to take me a while to get stuff!

    the other odd thing was it called for the elastic to be 21" wide for the 6-9 month version, which I thought was really weird. because the wasit is that same size, so the pants couldnt be pulled in by the elastic, or be pulled "out" because there was no were to go out too! So i cut off 2.5 inches and then it seemed totally fine.. am I mental? lol I must had read something wrong. they "look" like normal pants, a bit wrinkly on top from the elastic pulling in a bit.

  12. i saw it and it's gorgeous! this pattern looks really adorable on babies..I've also read a few comments about the waistband measurement. I did just that, cut off a few inches so that it fits the little one :)

  13. adalah comel kak zura...can order?my baby gal tp... :-)


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