Sunday, 18 October 2009

Ruffled Peasant Tops

The weekend usually is very productive for me as I have the time to sit down and sew. Saturday morning I finished sewing these two tops for my girls just in time for us to go for lunch party at a friend's house.

hanan walking2
hanan sweet smile

The pattern here is Portrait Peasant by CarlaC on Love all her patterns. Super easy and clear pictures to guide me along. I chose the simple tops with added ruffles design option. I had fun sewing this using Patty Young Fabrics from her Andalucia Collection (except for the polkadot print). The girls are happy too.

Sunday (today) is a different story though. I fell sick again. Just feel like lying down all day. I've a few more unfinished craft projects. Next weekend will not be crafting as I'm going for a 5 days course in Penang. gonna miss my babies so much...

Till then, enjoy the rest of the weekend! :)


  1. cantikkkkknyaaaa.... zura.... jeles akak.... bukan apa tak pernah jahit baju seumpanma ini.... selalu jahit dress biasa je ... ala party dress je... peasant top tak pernah lagi...susah tak?

  2. tq kak dress lg advance dari peasant style kak..hat ni senang sangat coz takde butang,zip dll..taruk getah je kat leher & lengan. this style simple sgt jadi kena guna fabric yg cantik baru naik design dia..tapi simple2 pun zura kena guna pattern & tutorial gak coz tak pandai lukis pattern sendiri hihihi..cubalah kak ain! :)

  3. cantiknyaa.....
    budak2 tu nampak happy sangat... printed pun cantik.. gambar pun cantik.. model pun comel & pandai sangat bergaya...

    ko ni jadi photographer pun buleh..
    congrats.. congrats...

  4. tq mai..aku ni main2 je ngan camera tu..edit simple2 jek..inspired by you too..ko nyer gambar cantik2 mai, suka sgt tengok!

    jangan terpedaya tengok model2 tu bergaya, esp si kecik tu sekarang tak suka posing, macam2 trick aku buat nak dapatkan shot2 tu hahaha...

  5. Zura those tops are great i am defintely going to try and make this i loved how they turned out.

    Although i must admit that i am a bit scared of ruffles never tried them yet! how did you find them?

    Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

  6. Gambar atas macam tak begitu clear, macam rosak pun ada...tapi aisha dan hanan nampak cantik sgt@ esp. Aisha...memang bleh jadi model nih...almaklumlaa maminye kan supermodel and superfotographer ahakss.... Lawalaa baju nih...cheerfull!

  7. Hanan dah besarlaa obvious sangat2....

  8. mayya - thank you...ruffles can be daunting but the result is priceless! to me, after a few practices, they're not difficult anymore. there are a few methods for gathering/ruffling written on the net. i usually just follow the instruction in the tutorial. try it, i bet you'll love it! :)

    angah (masni) - hihi gambar header tu nanti aku tukar, trial & error dulu...aku suka jahit top kat bebudak ni coz sungguh le lasak nye, senang pakai ngan jeans....Hanan memang dah besar, kejap je masa berlalu sob sob..

  9. wow! fresh from oven.. or in this case machine ke.. :-)
    i really love patty young's fabric. tiap2 minggu hanan n aisha dapat baju baru ye

  10. These are so adorable! Especially on 2 VERY beautiful little girls.And the fabric choice is fabulous!

  11. aida, 3sweetP's & andrea, thank you so much! :)

    kak haida - nowadays i only purchase t-shirts for the girls. i aim to create a largely handmade wardrobe for them :D

  12. Those are cute tops! I love CarlaC!


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