Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A Week Without The World Wide Web

I felt lost..and empty...I missed this space horribly! Shows how much addicted I am to the Cybersphere.

I was up north in Penang for 1 whole week, attending a Nation Building Camp (BTN), a compulsory course for government scholarship holders pursuing their studies overseas next year. I'm going to Perth, Australia next July for my Masters, and was told to attend this course.

The camp is in Balik Pulau, Penang. I actually drove alone for 5 hours to reach the camp! It was a last minute change of plan as hubby had to attend an urgent meeting. I was a bit nervous about travelling alone, I chanted "I'm a smart woman, I can do this" the whole journey lol

It was overall enjoyable. I learned to adapt. It was a packed course and the place do not have mobile phone coverage let alone Internet connection. My heart yearned for my babies all the time. I managed to take a few shots (from my hand phone's camera) of the beautiful beach and hill side jungle during our hiking/jungle trekking exercise.

Breathtaking views.....Malaysia is indeed a beautiful country, and I'm so proud to be Malaysian! I love this country so much...

Now, so happy to be home, can't wait for the weekend to start sewing again. Cheers!


  1. endure the long journey all by yourself...salute-lah..

    anyway, nice shot..terasa mcm nak pegi pantai pulak.

    cepat balik zura. can't wait to see all your beautiful creation again..

  2. dura - tulah...berdebar-debar tau masa drive sensorang tu..first time lak tu drive sendiri ke Penang! tapi adventure gak ler dah masuk ofis, weekend ni will continue with sewing projects :)

  3. hi zura... i faham mcmana u rasa sbb I pun pernah drive dgn anak2 je ke Penang jugak! my husband hometown. Lagi pulak masa tu anak2 kecik lagi umur 8 bulan (tido je dlm baby carseat), 5 tahun and the eldest 8 tahun. tapi o.k kan...

  4. balik pulau ... lama jugak tak ke sana... bila balik penang mesti ke sana... I selalu kutip cengkerang tepi pantai... masih ada lagi saki baki nya... byk tampal kat beg and frame...

  5. puas dok menunggu posting2 baru bersama2 hasil creativity yg baru..hehe..

    bestnyaaa pi pantaikan!!..i need vacation too..

    btw life without internet is ohh arrgg uhh noo!..:p

  6. kak ain - ok sangat rupanya..jalan kat Malaysia ni banyak sign board, susah nak sesat...tapi zura pegang peta & directions yg kawan2 bagi the whole journey hihi...pantai tu kat Pasir Panjang kalau tak silap..cantik sangat!

    me01my - memang tersiksa without Internet huhu...I siap bawak craft magazine pengubat rindu lol

  7. best nyer, gi pantai!! hampeh betul kat sini snow jer. ok lah pi australia sure you gi shopping for kain nyer. :)

  8. aida - hehe I pulak tak penah tengok pun snow, tapi sure sejuk giler kat sana, camane you tahan ya? i saw the pics in your blog...tengok pun rasa menggigil sejuk :) gi Oz nanti confirm I beli kain hehe

  9. zura, adapt jer. first time i kat sini mmg cursing, menyampah betul, though its nice snow but sejuk giler nak bring the kids outside. the novelty dies soon lah, my first year bukan main lagi seronok, now my 4th year, dah biasa.i can see you go shopping at also check out its forum for OZ nyer sewing member.


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