Monday, 31 August 2009

Market Skirt Done!

It's the Independence Day holiday, Happy Merdeka to all Malaysians! And I've finished a Market Skirt for Hanan, as if I ever bring her to the market lol!

I used the ever popular tutorial by Dana from MADE. I love everything that she does. Very talented lady and she has great eye for colours.

This skirt ended up a bit on the bigger side for Hanan. I think the 1 inch elastic I'm using is too stiff, it won't stretch much. I need to find good quality 1" elastic asap. The skirt is so easy to make. The gathered pocket is a different story though. Gathering & keeping it together and working with a tiny piece of material is difficult for me. But, it paid off! My first ever buttonholes and those smiling, happy buttons made up for all the hardwork.

I used the cotton poplin fabric leftover from this project. The skirt should fit Hanan nicely by early next year I hope. Have a nice day!

The gathered pocket, real cute but challenging for me

Too big on Hanan for now...She's fascinated with the bright buttons on the gathered pocket


  1. sooo cute! buttons always fascinates the kids kan

  2. thanks kak haida...she keeps pulling on the buttons hehe...memang kids suka buttons yang comel2..i bought those from Yoonies

  3. Oh my! You did a fabulous job. Seriously, your sewing skills are great. I'm so happy you shared with me. I'm thinking of starting a larger flickr group for all sorts of "MADE" inspired creations. But first I have to move :).
    Look for it down the road on the blog.
    Have a great day!
    - dana

  4. thanks so much dana! those are words of encouragement to me, i've so much to learn about the craft...can't wait for the flickr group,i'm definitely gonna be on it. goodluck with your moving! :)

  5. hi zura,
    i looike your work!
    btw, i still have yet to decide what to do with those lovely fabrics that i bought from your shop. This cute market skirt, maybe?

    ps: lets xchange link

  6. hi dura! tq for dropping by! i linked yours already :-) you should try the Market skirt, so easy to make, and think about all the fabric combo options!


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