Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Story Of Rustic Pants, Bohemian Dress and The Dress That Ran Away

You think I'd let last weekend by without any sewing? No way!

I managed to sew a pair of rustic looking linen pants for my nephew Imran. A Bohemian Style dress for Hanan and botched a dress from an old shirt lol!

The story begins with...

I love the look of rustic linen in natural color. I experimented with topstitching with contrasting thread. But looking at the pocket - I don't know whether I should laugh or cry! It's suppose to be front pockets sewn to the side reaching over to the back. It became Giant Pockets simply because I miscalculated the position lol!

This one turned out like a dream! Being totally freakish when sewing without a pattern, I purchased this from ManiMina, a talented seller on etsy. So simple to sew and I love the possibilities with fabric combo, definitely a keeps! The fabrics here are Amy Butler from my shop and a green polka dots cotton. Very bohemian look I must say. Hanan as usual is always happy to try it on and smile for the camera.
Hmmmm......what do you think? Really appreciate if you'd let me know :-)
(click to enlarge)

Well...what to say...it's a learning process rite? I wanted to turn my old shirt into a dress after being so inspired with this, this and this. But instead of following the tutorial to the T, I made an unwise decision to try and jazz it up with my own version. The rest is history. It went so wrong, the shirt was really meant to be thrown away after all LOL! This has thaught me that at this stage of sewing skill I'm at, better stick to following tutorials or patterns closely......
Next project - PJs for Hanan & another skirt for Aisha (she's feeling left out and I don't have the heart to tell her that mommy is a bit scared of cutting precious fabrics for bigger girls, in case I botch the project again....)


  1. hi there! i was blog hopping and landed here! those linen pants are sooooo cute! imran is one lucky chap! and how i wish i could fit into those little bohemian dress!! (p.s: hanan is such a natural! she'd be my model anytime!)

    best wishes always,

  2. hi zaza! thank you so much for dropping by :-) those pants have yet to meet it's owner, really hope it'll fit Imran. Hanan always loves to put on new outfit. I wish I could make a grown up version of that Bohemian dress too! :-D

  3. nice job.. u never know unless u try kan!? the blue shirt tu yg went wrong is the colar kan.. why dont you buka balik and just do with strap and sleeveless je.. lagi senang.. or keluarkan getah kat colar tu and adjust.. (pandai2 je aku ajar.. hehe)
    zura, nak buat bohemian dress tu for bigger size, you just measure labuh baju, lebar baju, dada, labuh lengan, dan bahu. (use hanannya pattern as guide and i'm sure you blh buat)
    kalau takut rosakkan kain mahal u trylah dulu guna kain yg murah..;-)

  4. tq kak haida! memula rasa down gak dah screw up the shirt dress project (sambil gelak guling2 masa pakaikan kat Hanan hehe)...tapi I learned a lot. haa...ingat nak buat gak satu Bohemian Dress tu as top for me, guna kain murah2 practise :-D


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