Monday, 10 August 2009

Ruffle Top Done!

Errr...I started the PJs for Hanan I mentioned in last post, almost finished it, got sidetracked with a new project and ended up finishing this one instead. Is this normal in sewing world? :-D

I love how this one turned out. Made from Carson Ruffle Shirt Pattern I purchased on etsy. Fabric is from the lovely Chocolate Lollipop Collection by Anna Maria Horner.

The pattern is fairly easy, I liked the chic ruffle design. Challenges I faced at my current novice sewer stage - the top ruffle refused to overlap the middle ruffle as it curled up in U-shape when gathered, had to cut another longer piece of fabric; the top ruffle ended up a bit stiff (not flowy) when the front and back pieces were sewn together. I must have did something wrong somewhere. The valuable lesson from this project - I made my own matching bias tape! The one sewn at neckline and armholes matches the bottom and back ruffle. Almost got my fingers burned by the iron, but I totally love it!

Cutie Pie Hanan and cue the runny nose!
From the back

Hanan, as usual so happy when I put it on her for the photo shoot, even when she's actually down with flu and coughing heavily (am a bit worried actually with all the H1N1 scare going around).

Dreaming of more projects...til then...have a productive week lovely peeps!


  1. this is really really nice.. good job! hanan pun dah makin pandai pose for mummy kan! can't wait to see your next project..;-)

  2. tq kak haida! i wish i have more time to tht Hanan selsema, lagi tak boleh nak buat aper pun asyik merengek je...

  3. cantiiik..anyway ambil award di blog saya k

  4. uih...thank you so much deja! terharu dapat award tu from you..baru sangat menjait ni hihi

  5. zura! congrats dpt scholarship tu.. tapi sedihlah u dah nak close retroshoppe.. i belum beli apa pun dgn u..

  6. thank u kak haida. i sedih sangat coz really sayang the shop. but next August plan nak pegi so many things nak settle coz nak bawak semua anak2 sekali...dah tak sempat nak focus on the shop. Insya Allah balik nanti if ada peluang will reopen the shop :-)

  7. wahhh!!
    comel sangat ni zura..
    kain pun cantik..

  8. tq mai...amatur ni kena practice bebanyak sementara semangat menjait masih berkobar hehe


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