Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Lilypond Party Princess Dress for Hanan

Yeay! I made this, totally worth the sleepless night!

I call this Lilypond Party Princess Dress. It was for her 2nd Birthday Bash last Sunday. Made in fresh pink and cream colourways.

I made it using a Simply Sweet Tops and Dresses pdf pattern by CarlaC, I purchased on YouCanMakeThis.com. I tell you, I have tried many sewing patterns before (I used to sew 3 years back before I stop when the machine broke down), this is by far the most comprehensive, easy to follow instructions I have ever encountered. Worth every Ringgit spent! (..well..when you convert it).

It is such an adorable pattern. It was meant to be a bit roomy at the bodice to make room for the t-shirt inside. I wanted it to be worn alone but it turned out a tad too big for Hanan! Dang...there goes my sizing problem again. Oh well, I hope by Eid this year this cutie would fit Hanan nicely :-)

Oh did I tell you I also made a PoutyPettycoat Skirt to make the dress all pouffy? Hehehe.....it was totally worth it! The tulle pinning and stitching process was tedious but I learned so much from it and the girls had fun helping mommy getting all the tulle under control (Tip : tulle is at its best behaviour when it lies flat!). It was a skirt meant to pouff up all dresses and skirts and worn as petticoat inside, such a clever idea!

All in all, this project has taught me that I could indeed sew! Even though not perfect yet (I don't have a serger so my fininshing spells homemade), I knew now that if I put my mind to something, it will turn out great. And the smile on Hanan's face totally lights up my day and keeps me going!

The happy birthday princess....see how the dress pouffed up?

The sleeves...easy peasy...very interesting technique

Attaching to the bodice (the bodice is lined with the same fabric as the sleeves)

Gathered the skirt and add ruffles..tadaaa!

The tulle pinning process for the petticoat
Stitching the tulle onto cotton skirt
Worn underneath dress...


  1. hai zuera..
    saye pn guna pattern ni..
    mmg senang paham kan..

    yang lining tu(kain putih tu) zuera guna kain ape ek?panas x?

  2. hi ct! petticoat tu i guna kain cotton putih jenis bawal je...tak panans..tapi a bit nipis, nak jahit tulle pun seksa... perhaps kalau guna cotton with more threadcount better kan? cam cotton yang buat baju sekolah or telekung sembahyang kita tu :-)

  3. hi zura..

    nice work! i've made one for my litle girl but without following any pattern.. just hentam je. anyway thanks for the info.. really helps. lepas ni nak try buat the tulle pulak.. befor this tak penah buat.. tq

  4. kak haida, tq so much for dropping by :-)

    tulle skirt tu I rasa paling economical..separate petticoat tht can be used over and over to pouff up any skirt/dress. zura tak pandai create sendiri pattern tu yang perabih duit beli pattern ekeke...but i learn a lot from them..


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