Saturday, 18 July 2009

Mommy Made Pinafore Top

Another project for Hanan was finished this morning, a slight improvement than my first attempt, managed to complete it in 4 hours eheheh....

This is from "Nirunaru" pinafore dress pattern in Ottobre 1/2008. Yes, it's suppose to be a dress for baby, but I turned into a top for Hanan. I made it with a tulip print cotton poplin for the top body and a blue fun floral bottom band & coordinated drawsting ribbon from the same fabric.

I'd say that this project helped me discover my sewing skill problem areas. They are :

1. I have a problem with very narrow hemming (this one, at armholes)
2. I have a problem with measurement and cutting (the bottom bands had to be rescued with bias binding hehe)
3. I have a problem with topstitching! (Ottobre's instruction is narrative, no pics to follow, I simply can't figure out how to topstitch the bottom band to the top body. Solution : Decorative stitch hehe)
4. I have a problem with STRAIGHT LINES!!! Be it cutting, tracing, drawing or sewing, I managed to screw it, always...sighh.....

But then again, Hanan's happiness and smiles when I put it on her is just so precious. I'm off to make that skirt I promised kakak Aisha. I am turning into a sewing junkie and this momma simply love it!!

The proud owner...Hanan the Precious!

Side view of the top...

Look at how the decorative stitch and bias tape came to my rescue. The bias cotton tape with pink lace is so adorable. I purchased it online, from Holland. So cute!

The Colourful Hanan Alia....

Okay mummy, enough already with the photos! :-D


  1. Lovely girl and cute clothing! It is always such fun to see our patterns in real life.

    Kind regards,
    your Ottobre team

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment on MADE. I love the hum of a sewing machine too :).
    Your daughters are completely adorable. I love this little top! Cute fabric choice.

  3. Thanks to Ottobre team for dropping by :-) I adore your patterns and will be making more. Can't wait for my second package of Ottobre mags I just ordered to arrive!

  4. dana, so, so happy you dropped by here! :-D

    I totally admire your creativity! I've so much to learn from you...Thanks so much and keep blogging with passion and those adorable designs you have an eye for!


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