Saturday, 18 July 2009

Lovingly Made For My Baby

I purchased this sewing machine 2 months ago and was so excited to sew something up especially for my girls. But as usual, I am such a busy queen bee, where got time mahh...? Today, on leave for a day, taking a breather from work , I sat down to work at 6am and only came out of the room at 1.30pm!! Sigh...what an amateur....

Buuut...... I manage to turn this......

Into this! (notice how everyting is on the floor? I've an aching lowerback now...seriously need to get a desk or workstation)

And the proud owner/model....TADAAA!!!

Hanan Alia smiling & happy in her brand new 3-tiered skirt!

I made it using this
tutorial. I was looking for a beginner type of project as I seriously sucks at sewing hahaha....I have problem even to keep the stitch straight! A beginner project like this, which should take only around an hour tops became a half day job for me tee hee hee...

But am so satisfied with the result. Made it a bit longer so that Hanan could wear it longer. And now, kakak Aisha is begging for a matchy-matchy skirt for herself! Errkk...if it takes 6 hours for me to finish this one for a 2 year old, I wonder how long will it take for me to make one for a 9 year old? do the math hahaha...Hopefully I'd be able to make one for Aisha so as not to disappoint her. She said the skirt
" Nampak macam beli mummy!"...Hehe...try taking a peek at the jumbled up seams on the inside and you'll know it's definitely homemade!

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