Sunday, 28 June 2009

Fashion Sense and Personal Style, My Way

I'm always fascinated with fashion and personal styling. I believe all women should have this in them, without prejudice. No matter how you define it, fashion and personal style should truly be unique to your own inspired ideas, with some influence from whatever inspiration you drew it from. However, there are some generally accepted fashion guides that I personally hold on to and try to stay true all the time.

1. Sophistication
I believe a personal style must have a certain 'taste' to it. Clean and simple designs are keys to this sophistication. There should not be any element of 'gaudiness' or 'over the top' in my personal style. Now, don't get me wrong, I do love print fabrics, in an array of pretty colors, but the combination of colors and print design must give an overall aura of understated elegance. Sometimes, a high quality fabric, void of print is better. This is why some of the most beautiful dresses and gowns are made from plain colored fabrics with subtle details added to the finished garment.

2. Presentation
One thing I hold on to so tightly and repeat like a mantra every morning, standing in front of my closet, deciding on what to wear, is how I combine the pieces. The rule of thumb for me: Never wear a printed
tudung (headscarf) with a printed outfit or risk looking like a bouquet of flowers with legs! Printed tudung will look very nice and put together when paired with plain outfit or suits. It especially look corporate when don with power suits for the office.

3. Confidence
I always drum it into my family, friends and customers alike – No matter what you choose as your personal style, wear it with confidence. Chances are, it will look good on you. Nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants and goes for it without fear. Be bold once in a while if you feel that your usual pieces of beige and black starting to look blah and needs a shot of excitement. Or try subdued elegance of skirt suit with pearls if all this while you are more of a bright and bold dresser. Be brave, be confident and nothing will ever go wrong.

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