Monday, 27 July 2009

Baby Halter Top

This one is such a lovely design. It is a Japanese pattern. I had a crazy time trying to decipher the instructions. Surprisingly it was easy enough. The pictures in Japanese patterns are quite clear and even a beginner sewer like me could follow. I love the cuteness of its design however it was a tad too tight for Hanan. I've to start learning how to adjust sizing. The challenge for this project was hemming the curved hem, it kept rolling unevenly I didn't know what to do! But the plus point is I understand now how to topstitch yeay!

Hanan happy and proud...

You can't catch me Mommy!

Some artsy shots....

The back of the top


  1. alahai pandainya hanan posing.. top tu pun sangat comel..

    & dinding tu macam dinding rumah kami lah... hahaha.. ade mural..

  2. ekeke...maya...i dah cuba retouch the pics, tetap nampak'll all over the house..Hanan's artwork lol...tq for leaving your comment and adding the blog to Craftzone, really appreciate it :-)

  3. hi!! memang cantik on hanan. sexy! i have the same problem with the hem.. my mom always told me to jelujur dulu but i memang malas nak jelujur dulu.. hehe

  4. kak haida, hehe...jelujur memang sangatlah malasnye nak buat huhu...zura cuba iron dulu pun dia rolling jugak..last2 hentam jela jahit hehe

  5. This is such an adorable top, and even more so your beautiful little girl! Great work - and even with a Japanese pattern!

  6. astrid, thank you! I am so honoured you dropped by. you are such a talented momma and I've been admiring your work in your blog, especially those Ottobre sewing. I just discovered Ottobre too and am adding so many in my To Do Project list :-)

  7. So adorable! Great job on all of your projects!

  8. shannon, what an honour you dropped by! thanks to your wonderful blog, I'm so inspired to sew after visiting those sites in your roundups, love 'em!


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