Friday, 5 September 2014

Another Tova Tunic!

Yep, this is my 3rd Tova Tunic by Wiksten, my favorite tunic pattern!

I made this in half a day, just few hours before a movie date with darling hubby ;)

I love the fabric I used this time, it's a beautiful green print from the Collage Collection by designer Carrie Bloomston. Those criss crossing newspaper print collage is so unique, love it!

I decided on this pattern again mainly due to my larger size now :'(  After baby number 3 I just am not able to shake off these excess pounds, it's heartbreaking! Nothing in my wardrob fit! So I have no choice but to make new clothing...Another reason  is that I am still breastfeeding baby E, so the open placket in front of this tunic is perfect for nursing! 

I forgot to snap some pics of me wearing this, but it fits me great! I made the top version but I lengthened it by 1.5 inch, just nice for me to wear with jeans.

Till later, bye! 


  1. cantik corak baju ni kak...pattern ni pun tunic pun pun on d way dok buat blouse gak.baru potong pattern n tgh berkira2 nk guna kain mana yg ok...hihihi

    1. Thank you! Dah siap ke? Best kan design ni? Selesa pakai hehe

  2. waaa... tengok wayang pakai baju baru,,, hihihihi... ;)
    cantik la print ni kak.. susah nak jumpa.. :)

    1. Kikiki mestila special date kan (padahal semua baju ketat!) lol! Print ni dah oop ni huhuhu


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