Monday, 28 May 2012

New Beginnings, New Directions

Hello friends! I still have readers? This blog has really dried many things happened but I just didn't find the energy to blog about it somehow. But today is different. Its an important turning point in my life. And I had to make some decisions, at least for this version of me - the sewing-mama me.

Some of you on Fb, Twitter & Instagram might already know that I'm finally done with my Mba. The dreaded research paper was done and submitted last week and I am now breathing easier. Can't wait for the convocation in October!

And today, I received my finalized posting order and I have officially reported for duty at 8 a.m.

Yep, I'm back at work, full time. This time it's nearer to home & even though I'm happy that I get to be near my kids, I do miss the familiarity of my previous office. Now, in the new department, everything is alien to me and at this level, I have no choice but to speed up & catch up. It's a busy department which involves travels. Though I am excited that this time around I get to work with the industry & deals with economic matters, I also know things are going to be hectic but at the same time very, very interesting.

Now, having said all that, comes the decision. What's in it for Lovemelots Creations? Well...I will continue sewing. I will not stop. I need a creative outlet and I find bliss in creating pretty dresses with my two hands. BUT, naturally I have to slow down. I'm thinking of a limited custom slots per month for the time being. I think I can manage at least 1 dress per-week. I will re-evaluate as time goes by. So, for now, no new custom order except for those already agreed as per discussion through email/Fb etc as I am already full for June. To Lovemelots customers, I truly am thankful for all your support, you gals are amazing!

I also would like to sew more for my kids & myself. I miss that and my kids are growing up too fast...I have limited time to sew for them. And of course, I'd like to blog more. That has always been at the back of my mind, but we'll see how it goes, no promises! :)

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