Saturday, 7 January 2012

School Year 2012

This year, both my girls are in school. And this year is super important to both of them....

Aisha is 12 years old this year (in December!) and she is sitting for the UPSR exam (national exam for Standard 6 students in Malaysia) at the end of the year. I am still unable to fully processed the fact that I am now a mother of exam-year kid. Really, I just don't feel all grown up that way.....but I have to face reality and prep up mentally to lend my support and encouragement for my love, Aisha. She is indeed the sweetest girl on the block...sweet tempered and sensitive but sometimes need that little extra push to give her all in her studies. I pray for her success daily...even though UPSR is not very crucial compared to the other 2 exams she will face few years from now, it is still important I think at least to boost her confidence in her abilities etc....Oh! And that bursts of colors on the rack behind Aisha? I just revamped the sewing room and the shelf my mom gave me is the perfect storage for those fabrics!

Yep, my lil diva, Miss Hanan is starting her kindy this year! She was SO excited, could barely sleep the night before and woke up super early, just can't wait to go to school.... Well, hubby and I were a bit anxious about her 1st day...when we dropped her off, her mood turned somber as she witnessed many anxious & crying 4 & 5 year olds. Alhamdulillah, she survived the day without drama and came home chatty about her new school...we don't have very high expectations, just wishing that she would learn social skills and how to mix around as she had been at home surrounded by adults for the past 4 years...this is the only thing that make me regret waiting for 7 years before trying for another baby after Aisha...the gap is just too far....

Here's to a successful and stress free year in 2012 for all of us mommies to school going children...bye! :)


  1. cute girls :) so excited for their new term don't they? but I'm drooling over your fabric stash (envy eyes @-@) hehe. cheers!

  2. cute girls :) so excited for their new term don't they? but I'm drooling over your fabric stash (envy eyes @-@) hehe. cheers!

  3. hanan tadika mana?

  4. hanan tadika mana?

  5. hanan tadika mana?


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