Monday, 16 January 2012

Giveaway Winners!

Hye! I just returned from my family trip to Perlis. It was fun! My first time there and we had that much needed R&R :)

Now, back to the giveaways! had spoken and the winners are :

1st prize - Amalia!
2nd prize - Stephanie Flynn!
3rd prize - Zulaikha Abd Hamid Soon!

Congratulations to the winners! Please email me your shipping address for the fabrics and to the 3rd prize winner please email me to discuss the discounted custom dress :)

I'd like to thank all who have taken part, your kind words and encouragement. I could see that almost all of us have one thing in common - family keeps us motivated. I like that, and I believe in that too, Insya Allah...

I'll be back soon with more sewing posts, I promise! :)


  1. MasyaAllah! Alhamdulillah!

    Terima kasih Kak Zura....

  2. MasyaAllah! Alhamdulillah!

    Terima kasih Kak Zura....


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