Sunday, 21 November 2010

Hats Off!

Yup, hats off to you for sticking to this blog and keep coming back to read even when my posts are few and far between. Thank you! *hugs*

Now, I have two little girls whom are still at the "love-everything-mommy-made-for-me" stage. Deep down in my heart I know this won't last forever (especially with my pre teen Aisha) and I have to cherish it while I can.

My girls love to hang out in the studio. And when I'm busy sewing custom orders for the customers, the little one would be on my side saying "Tiut nya mommy! Ni Anan punyer terr?" Translation : Kiutnya mommy ni Hanan punya ke? aka  "So cute mom, is this mine?"

And my answer will always be the variation of - No dear this one is for auntie's baby. And she'd show her disappointment by asking WHEN exactly I'm going to sew for her! After much pestering and the big sister joining the request, I made my girls some hats.

I made four of them actually (NOT in one sitting lol)...and they are all reversible so the girls actually have 8 hats! Enough to last till next year :)

I'm sure Malaysian readers are well aware of the big name in handmade sunhat, Okinokiyo right? Mai, the owner/sewer is my twitter sewing buddy and I love all her bright and fun sun hats for little ones. I would have bought from her if I don't sew, but the fun part of making these hats is when the girls open up my stash closet and chose the fabrics themselves. The one above is what Aisha wanted, a fan of purple. I mixed solid heavy cotton with Monaluna's lavender dots. Very sweet!

Now, this little miss wanted the same hat design but a different print. I was really surprised when she chose this Sis Boom paisley and not the many fun kiddie print I have in stash! She must be attracted to the bright colors. I paired it with a bright pink & blue print. These hats have pleats on top part of it which makes it very forgiving in any wonky-ness when sewing lol

These two were actually made a few weeks ago. A tulip hat which Hanan calls topi ayam (chicken hat) LOL...she saw the print and immediately decided on the name. It's a tad small for her but so very cute! The one Aisha is wearing is a wide brim hat which was a nightmare to sew. And as you can see, I paired quilting cotton with a heavier beige corduroy (bought locally at Nagoya). Thus, it's droopy and weird looking. But the girls love how girly that hat is.

This is my first time making hats. The patterns are all from Japanese pattern book, Cucito. It's a highly gratifying project because it takes very little time to finish. But, I must say, sewing anything circular is not what I do well. Like the wide brim sunhat & the flat round top hats, they all give me headache as little pleats would form whenever I sew the circular things in urgghhh....

But these are for my girls, and because they adore their sewing momma, a little wonky-ness means nothing to them compared to the loving and new handmade stuff they get hahaha

Thanks for reading lovelies, have a beautiful day!


  1. alamak, suka la sis boom nye fabric tu...really cheerful. of course you can sew for ur kiddos! takkan la nak beli from me plakkk kan?

  2. Mai - hehehe..hari tu masa derang bising2 nak topi I wanted to buy from you coz tak menang tangan sehh, tapi lom open for orders...sib baik sempat curi masa last week huhu..sis boom tu memang very pretty! :D

  3. wow..that's a sweet mummy and darling kids..hats are all lovely...great work

  4. what can i say they are adorable Z :)
    I am counting the days not long to go until we move to Malaysia.

    I have so many things planned i look forward to finally meeting you and all the crafty malaysian bloggers

    Kisses to the girls xoxo

  5. Such beautiful girls in hats. I am a self proclaimed hat-a-lolic! I just put up new tacks for my latest 6 winter hats and just put down sewing my "kitty-Kat hat" (it looks like it has ears!) to say how great everyone looks.

  6. Nima - thank you Nima! *hugs*

    Mayya - thank you! It will be a whole new adventure for you here in beautiful Malaysia! You'll love it here :)

    Mikhaila - wish I can see the kitty-Kat hat, happy sewing! :)

  7. wow... so adorable. hopefully one fine day boleh buat satu untuk my girl

  8. Mila - thanks babe! buatlah senang je even though yang circular tu mencabar kesabaran I hehe


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