Sunday, 3 October 2010

New Look Again

I fiddled around with my blog today, wanting to use the new Blogger template features. A simple text header, tabs on top with an overall Teal colored theme. And to complete the look, the text font is now customised! Yes, I won a custom blog text font giveaway by Designer Blogs and Lauren, one of the designers helped installed the new fonts. I love it, thank you Lauren!
Custom Blog Design

Have you seen their work? They are amazing! I could spend hours browsing their portfolio, dreaming for a fully customised blog makeover. Knowing me, I get bored very easily, thus the need to update, upgrade and improve. Oh it will happen one day, right now I'm loving the current theme :)


  1. Lovely the new look so classic and chic :)

  2. Thank you Mayya glad you like it :)

  3. Yes! What a great look! So fresh and light! Love it!

  4. Happy you approve Barbara! Thank you :)

  5. Thank you B! I like clean and simple lines most of the time but sometimes I like bright & colorful too. See the dilemma? Fickle me! LOL

  6. This is nice Zura ... love the teal theme !

  7. I really like it. Its very clean and simple. I know when you post sewing pictures they are going to really POP! Very nice girl! Congratulations!

  8. love it...comeynya...
    very nice la k.zura..hihihi

  9. kak ann - thank you! cantik kan Teal? grown up version :)

    jenny - glad you approve Jenny! :)

    zue - thanks dear :)


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