Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Aisha's First Craft Book

I found this book at MPH on our weekly bookstore trip. My girls love bookstore trips coz I usually allow them to choose 1 or 2 books to bring home. I set aside quite a large sum monthly for books as I think instilling book loving culture in my children is top priority. So, when Aisha saw this book she immediately flipped through it and I could see that familiar awe on her face...that inspired look...I could never not buy this one for her. There is no author but the book is published by Parragon UK and costs only RM29.90.

Inside, loads of goodies! There is a Sewing Kit Envelope with ribbons, embroidery thread, felt squares & mini sewing kit. There are also many pages of useful how to's such as color picker & applique techniques.

And loads of cute projects! Aisha is almost 10 yo now, and she's lovin' all the creativity on display.

So which project you want to make first? I asked her.
The easiest one, mommy, she said.

She pointed to this one. I thought oh okay my girl is growing up she wants to keep mom & dad out of her room now *sniff* but I encouraged her anyway..go ahead dear take whatever you need from mommy's studio to make the project...

And the result?

She actually made it to hang on my sewing studio doorknob! heart just melted when I saw it this morning...the sewing will improve with lots of practice, but the fact that she shows interest and determination and inspired to sew plus actually completed a project, is a great achievement already. This is one of the moments that make me think how wonderful motherhood is. I'm a proud momma! :)


  1. mana tumpahnya kalo tak ke nasi?
    like mother like daughter

  2. Oh how sweet is that?! My heart melted right along with yours when I read she made it for you, and I love that she wrote "my room" on it. You've got a sweet hearted girl there Zura.

  3. wow.. like mother like daughter

  4. aawwww...that's so sweet of Aisha *heart melting*
    May i suggest a trip to the library in addition to the visit to the bookstore.. similar 'high' and FOC.. ;D
    We (Sofea and I) make a weekly library trip.. it's a mother-daughter thingy for us..

  5. wan - thank you... I just hope she's not as kelam kabut as the mother hehe :)

    B - ain't she sweet B? Aisha indeed has a soft heart and very sweet, I don't want her to grow up too fast :)

    Mila - thank you Mila :)

    Sue - great idea! I just wish our National Library is nearer though..but I just found out we have a small community library nearby, not sure if they have craft books but any book is good for the girls..will check it out soon :)

  6. so sweet...a very proud mommy moment!

  7. i'm a proud auntie... (haha..tetiba jer kan??)

    aisha.. keep it up girl!

  8. like mother like daughter! :) so sweet!

  9. it's good to have same passion^^

  10. You have instilled good habits mommy, well done! I think soon Aisyah's craft books library may be bigger than yours :-)

    ps. Kino having 20% discount on Jap pattern books till end of d month :)

  11. Go! Go! Aisha.
    cayalah, mommy!!

  12. mama nak sedih2 anak nak buat KEEP OUT sign eh? skali...
    hehe baru cair :)

  13. Hi
    I just stumbled upon your blog..What a super creative+cute blog!!I love it.Will visit frequently.=)
    Abt this post,I shared your opinion on 'instilling book loving culture' in your children.When I've a family I will do the same^^


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