Monday, 2 August 2010

Fitted Bedsheet and Pillowcase Dress

Hi everyone, how was (or is) the weekend? Mine was hectic as usual but I was able to squeeze a movie date with hubby and it was sweet! J *blush*

First, I’d like to say THANK YOU on behalf of little miss Hanan for all the birthday wishes. She’s lucky to have so many adoring aunties, thank you so much friends! J

So, its another new week and I just have to blog about what I managed to finish last week. Here is the custom fitted bedsheet and pillowcase for a darling, very patient customer Lyn J 

It took me so long to finish sewing even if you think it doesn’t make sense since these are just straight stitching. I believe the lack of motivation comes from fear coz this is the first time ever me cutting and sewing 6 yards of fabrics! I was really scared of botching it up, I procrastinate lol

But just look at the result. The print is just so, so cute! This set id for Lyn’s little boy room and look at just how much he is loved…

Next is the simple pillowcase dress I sewed for Kak Farhana’s daughter and niece. 2 identical 6yo and 9yo size. It is so darling, I love making these coz they are simple yet cute result everytime.  Kak Fana actually came over to my house to place her order and I have a few more dresses for her girls. Thank you Kak for your trust in me :)

Now that Ramadhan is looming, I know many of us are busy with the prep and all. It also means exam time and assignment due dates for me, so I might not be blogging as often. Please also view the shop where I made an announcement about fabrics preorder. There are some changes there.

Lastly, thank you all for reading and commenting on this blog. I really, truly appreciate your friendship. *hugs*


  1. ida

    cantik kain tu beli kat mane

  2. thanks ida! :) kain cadar tu ke? beli preorder from my shop :)

  3. The Bed sheet set turned out very pretty Zura love that print!

    I salute you for taking on such a big project i am still terrified of using my 1 yrd designer fabric LOL

  4. salam zura,

    wow, 6 yards utk 1 single bedsheet and pillow case. memang ukurannya mcm tu ke zura? tgh cari kain sesuai utk buat bedsheet anak lelaki.... kot2 leh preorder from lovemelots :)).

  5. mayya - I know! Exactly how I felt but had to bulldoze on so as not to disappoint my customer. Thanks mayya! :)

    zana - a-ah zana, kain ni bidang kecik, very generous estimate maklumlah first time jait, kalo cukup2 kainnya anthing wrong dah tak dapat nak selamatkan. actually bedsheet + 2 pillowcases, ada balance perca kain around FQ size :)

  6. katil baru ke tu? hehe...
    sweet sgt cadar tu :D

  7. Huda - haha...katil aisha dulu tu hehe dah masuk bilik kak zura jadi katil pinchess utk budak kenit tapi toksey pun tido situ sabar je la... :D

  8. The dress is very pretty!! I love the coordinating fabrics. Very nice bedsheet set too.


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