Sunday, 7 March 2010

Simple Hot Weather Sewing

I sewed these for little miss Hanan because in the current weather, she needs more light clothing. It's so hot nowadays, being an active toddler, she's like sweating ALL the time! I'm praying that she stays healthy, keep feeding her bottles of water to keep her cool.

I used a tutorial for the top from here. I LOVE it! So easy and it looks really cute with the ruffle sleeves. I used 1 inch elastic for the chest and 1/4" for the sleeves. I used Dana's 2T measurement for Hanan's top.

The fabric is Japanese cotton for the top and Anna Maria Horner's polka dot for the skirt.

The best thing is, the skirt, well I actually cut that to make a second top. But it was late at night and I was really too lazy to sew the ruffle sleeves. So after adding the elastic, I simply hemmed the piece and turned it into a skirt! It's the perfect size I didn't change anything.

It's so difficult to get good photos of this hyper girl. Here she is actually showing off her head band, which she ran to put on the minute she saw me with the camera lol....


  1. Cute! I'm trying to make light weight clothes for my girls too because Puerto Rico is hot year round too :)

  2. Simply lovely, love the top! Any tricks on ruffles? Mine have been coming out quite messy

  3. zura, comel giler hannann..dgn skirt gitu mcm lil missy going to work pun ada..cute gilerr..

    nasya memanjang pun pakai sleeveless.sbb i rimas dia berpeluh2.

  4. I love the top! Just yesterday my daughter was wearing something very similar from Gymboree and I decide I was going to make one like it. And that fabric is so precious. Love how the next top became a skirt! LOL! I think it's perfect! Funny thing is my daughter will sometimes take the skirts I make her and wear them as a top with a tshirt as a skirt. LOL! She does not go out in public like that. She will just walk out of her room all decked out in her new creation. Very funny. Your post reminded me of that. But of course your's is way cuter and looks right!

  5. That is brilliant. So cute, and yet so easy. I am totally going to copy you. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Katie - Yeah? Just like here in Malaysia, almost 3 months of extremely hot weather, no long sleeves for the girls!

    Krissy - Thanks Krissy! For this one, I just followed the tute, the ruffle is a result of threaded elastic, it's quite easy, try it! :)

    Mai - thank you babe....comel tapi hyper Hanan nih hehe...tu lah sekarang panas sangat dia pakai baju pun tak lama, every few hours gitu kena tukar coz basah peluh lol

    Jenny - Lol thanks Jenny! Your daughter's the cutest! The skirt is the result of me too lazy to finish the second top and I'm so happy I turned it into a skirt, it fits right!

    Kathy - aww thanks Kathy! The tutorial is very clear, so easy, can't wait to see yours! :)

  7. Oh, your little miss is simply adorable, and the combo is so cute. Well-done!!

  8. cantikla k.zura...
    nnti nk try gakla wat untuk iman...

  9. Lovely Blog! Hope you dont mind me following.
    I love this little outfit...Think I will give it a try!

  10. Your girls would have to be some of the "best dressed" girls on the block. You make such great clothes for them.

  11. evelyn - aww....thanks girl!

    zue - try lah dear tak sabar nak tengok :)

    Ms Syders - Oh of course I don't mind! Thank you for following and love your blog too! :)

    antmee - thank you for your lovely comment, it warms my heart :)

  12. Hi! Haven't had much time to come and check you out, but always so many beautiful things. Love that outfit, really summery. I have two boys so not much girly sewing (only for friends), but actually my 3 year old son asked me to make him a pink dress. So I've started it and he wears it around the house even if it's not finished...!
    I like that little summery top. Have to try that for the little girls we know.

  13. Hi Barbara! Thank you so much for visiting and the lovely comment. Oh and also thanks for the gentle nudge on the feature on JP's blog, I only knew about it after seeing your comment that morning lol...So happy and honored and please drop by again ya? :)


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