Saturday, 6 March 2010

Scrappy Belt For Aisha

A simple scrappy belt for my Aisha.

My eldest, she's so skinny all her jeans need the assistance of a belt to hold it up. So I just whipped up this one from scap fabrics, leftover from clothing and bag projects I made for her.

She insisted on wearing it this way, where the rings are spread open. She said "This is how Hannah Montana wears it mom!"

Huh? Really?

I thought this is how it's suppose to be worn...I dunno, anybody knows which one is the correct way?

p/s : She never tucks in her t-shirt, I made her do it for the photoshoot :P


  1. This is really really cute!

  2. thats a great belt, your really really good :)

  3. This is so cute!
    I blogged you girl. I grabbed pictures just like I said I would.

  4. Zura dear, the belt looks great, I would have used it your way, but maybe that's how Aisha and her generation wear their belts now.. uhuhuh I feel old and outdated.. :D

  5. Of course it must be worn like Hannah Montana :) It's a very cute belt looks good either way I think

  6. Thank you ladies!

    It's so funny when she showed me how Hanna Montana wears the belt and I was like, the world has changed or something?? I was clueless! Hmm...Sue, I can totally relate, at 33, I feel so old already lol....

  7. too too CUTE!! i think maybe with the right scrap pieces we could all pull this off ;)


  8. Hi Raven! Thank you! Yup, with the right prints the belt will turn out really cute! Thanks raven! :)

  9. so cute n creative..... can put in my list thanks zura

  10. Hi Kak Pah! Thanks for your lovely comment :)


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