Friday, 26 March 2010

Pretty PJs and My First Collar

I was able to compelete this PJ after abandoning it for almost 2 weeks after cutting. I used patterns from Emma Hardy's book, Making Children's Clothes. The top is from the boy's shirt pattern and the pants is from the pajama pattern. Both gave me headache.

The reason is this is my first attempt at attaching a collar (this one is a flat type, round collar, not sure if it's the same as Peter Pan collar) and I had to choose a book with very little detail on how to do just that *sigh*

Have you tried any pattern from this book?
I wish I read the review on Amazon about this first before attempting the button down shirt. I am not alone!
I sewed the pants from the pajama pattern in the book, there's also something wrong there construction wise. The pants ended up funny looking and fit real bad, but still wearable. I don't know if any of the patterns were tested or not, despite it's cuteness I'm a bit scared to try the others in it.
The collar's instruction was really scant and the ugly exposed seams are just too much! I had to stitch a bias tape to cover it but still I think it's bad, just look at that! The method is wrong somehow. I wish the author would put more care in writing the instructions.
The book has some really cute girls patterns, which what made me bought it in the first place. But I am a bit disappointed with sewing books written in English, which suppose to make it easier for home sewists. Nope, looks like I've to practice more using either the Japanese books or those wonderful pdf tutorials with step by step photos. So far, I found much success using them than full fledge sewing books or commercial patterns ( I hate flimsy tissue papers in those patterns urgh).

At least Hanan is at peace with her new PJs, happy, nonetheless :)


  1. I remember sewing my first collars too... nightmare! I haven't tried sewing another collar since!

  2. ni yg membuatkan i takut nk jahit collar nih..takpun kena minta tlg my mom to attach the collar to my w.i.p shirt hehe..
    anyway Zura, i think Hanan's PJs is cute :)

  3. pun tak pernah try jahit collar.takut...tapi PJs tu tetap cute and nice dan corak fabrik tu pun cantik!

  4. nice & cute fabric!

    ada bercita2 jugek nk wat collared pyjama tp cam blom ada keberanian.. :)

  5. Awwwww, She looks Sweet!
    I am yet to do something with a collar, so far I have avoided it because of the fear!

  6. What a bummer about the book! The patterns in English do run the gamut in instructional quality for sure.
    The last picture is soooo sweet and it may have been a headache for you but for us, it looks adoreable. I am going to try an Ottobre collared shirt the instructions look scant, hopefully It will come together a little easier. I will let you know! It the shirt on the cover of 1/10

  7. instructions in aust smocking mags on making collars is actually pretty good, try and have a look. I learnt to do mine from Mariam Abu Bakar, Panduan Membuat Pakaian. I recommend her's. I went from sewing curtains to making my pants and shirt based on her book! usually at MPH / Popular definitely in places like Miinerva bookstore. Its like a school text manual!

  8. setiap benda mesti ada permulaan kan?! kalau tak try tak tau.. :-) good effort zura.. takpelah still cantik hanan pakai. if you ask me.. i always do it in my own way.. tak pandai tgk pattern.. tapi tengok buku zura tu memang berkenan.. :-)

  9. Oh thank you friends for the encouragement! *hugs* I really need to be careful next time, it's better to flip through a few resources before attempting a new technique. I'm just so glad the Pjs are still wearable and Hanan seems to like it so I'm good. Have a great weekend y'all! :D

  10. If you hadn't mentioned the problem with the collar i wouldn't even have noticed it! I just saw the cutest PJs on such a cute little girl! And that fabric is lovely - no surprise there!
    Good to know that about that book. I had seen it on Amazon and almost bought it. Now I'm glad I didn't.
    I know collars are tricky but I still haven't ventured on sleeves. everything I do is sleeveless!

  11. I did the button-up shirt -collar- project few weeks ago and I followed this fabulous tutorial from webby - .. I hope it'll help! :)

    ** ;)

  12. I have Emma Hardy's book as well. I have been looking online for what I'm doing wrong with the pj bottoms. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one having problems. I have made the boy shorts for my daughter and they turned out really cute. I'm just really frustrated with the pj bottoms. Good to know about the collar. I also agree with you about the Japanese books. I never seem to have a problem with them.


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