Thursday, 25 March 2010

Crazy Over Glam Garden!

I want them all!!

That's me going crazy, drooling at Josephine Kimberling's new collection, Glam garden. Such pretty bright burst of colours and I love, love, LOVE the Bohemian chic designs!

Just my kinda prints for clothing. Perfect! Aren't they pretty?

p/s : Malaysian friends, these divine fabrics are available for Pre-Order in my shop plus many, many more fun prints! Click here to view.
Thanks! :)


  1. Zura...
    Lagi tambah desigd..lagi pening..lagi juling rasanye..

  2. "Oooooohhhh......Aaaaaahh......Woooowwww......Weeeee.....
    I want them all!!"

    Me too! I just did that quilt hoop thing with some Amy Butler Nigella fabric for my room. So pretty and cheap and easy!

    off to look at more of this fabric!

  3. kak zura ni sj je goda skin nk beli kain2 br.. walaupon kain sedia ada xabes2 lg hahah tp perasaan nk beli sentiasa ada. tp xde budget la skng ni huk huk tggu skin abes blaja.. den nk menjait n beli kain br!!!! heeee cpt2 la mei

  4. Now you've got me drooling. Might have to see about getting some of those locally for myself.

  5. ohhh Zura what are you doing to us? My heart is literally melting at the sight of that gorgeous fabric collection...
    Thank you for sharing

  6. Tee hee hee...I know I'm evil that way tempting all of you fabricholics, just so that I don't feel too guilty buying these when I really should stop submerging in fabrics hahaha


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