Friday, 15 January 2010

From Japan With Love...And Toughest Decision Ever

I had the craziest many things happened...

But the parcel I received yesterday was like a ray of sunshine...full of happiness, made me forget about all things depressing :)

I ordered a few cuts of these gorgeous Japanese fabric from a fellow blog friend Sue, a Malaysian residing in Japan. The fabrics are the ever fabulous Heather Ross Kokka fabrics and Nani Iro's Fuccra. I never thought I'd own them as purchasing these from the US is so, so expensive. Thanks to Sue, this coming from Japan is much more affordable and fast too! Barely a week and they're safely here.

Honestly Sue, I feel like we've known each other for years! Such a lovely lady and wonderful crafter too! I really admire your work and wish I can be in Japan and absorb all those creative vibes. Check out Sue's blog for more inspirations.

Now I know how double gauze feels soft..oh so dreamy!

Now, about the toughest decision I've ever made in my life, ever. For reasons too long to write and ramble on about here, I've decided to convert my scholarship and pursue my masters here in Malaysia. Looks like going to Australia to study and dragging my two kids and husband leaving his job will not be happening.

Oh well...I guess I'll just have to plan a holiday to Perth then, already booking Air Asia X, none other :P


  1. Hi, been following your blog in silent. Whatever decision you make, i think you must have made it for the family...congratulations.. may you succeed.

  2. Hi Ummi. It takes another mother to understand one ya? :) thank you so much, your comment warms my heart and makes me feel better about my decision

  3. Zura dear,
    Firstly, thanks for all the lovely things you've said about me and the humble lil blog. *hugs*

    Second, I totally understand what you are going through.. I'd been in that spot..but the difference was my hubby got the scholarship and I had to leave my job..

    Everything happens for a reason, maybe this is for the best.. I'm sure

  4. sue, *hugs* back :)

    thanks so much. i have to keep everything and everyone together in the least stressful way i guess

  5. Vaaattttttttt??? No Aussie?? Why Bu?? Then you can open balik kedai kain la. Please..... I am running out of baju kurung already & too lazy to go KL and buy materials

  6. ezza, yup not gonna...perhaps we can arrange with d girls to go for a trip je lah kot ahaha...kedai kain? umm...ada in planning but different focus la beb

  7. I started reading ur "kedai kain" blog first before I stumble upon ur lovely blog... I agree with My Botang that everything happens for a reason... Good luck and may Allah bless u & ur family...

  8. yeahhh.... ada geng.. kita study kat msia aje la zura.. ekeke manatau wat phd kat overseaa lak.. amin.. leh la sama2 beli mesin jahit tepi.. wahhhh :)

  9. faizlily - thank you so much for your kind words, I really think this is the best for everybody :)

    tinihani - haha..konfem beli mesin jait tepi hihi...I nak study kat uni paling dekat ngan umah, siapkan cepat2 pastu taknak pikir dah pasal study for a long time lol...

  10. awww..betul..susah nak leave the family behind kan.

    the nani iro's..*pengsan* i love nani iro. i have a good bunch of the heather ross nyer but i think a bit too young for me lah but the nani iro :) glad my kawan is going to Japan in March, nak pesan!

  11. aida - *pengsan* together lol...everytime I masuk my sewing room now, I pegang Nani Iro..crazy woman I am...but it's so delicious! heather ross tu konfem jadi baju anak hehe...

  12. Hi, boleh tau tak how much is the fabrics ye? Very nice I esp love the 3rd from left.


  13. my friend also going to japan on this feb/march.Can't wait to give long list to him tapi list for books onlyla...:(...


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