Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Stash Swap Group 3 - Received

I've received the stash from my partner, Kak Noor and I'm so happy! So many cute stuff! I love ém all!

These are the FQs, ribbons and buttons. They are super cute! Am so happy to receive many large shank buttons as I really wanted them for making bags.

I especially adore this very vintage!

The felts. Love the color and especially the polkadot printed one, wow! I've never done any felt craft before, I think I'm gonna start soon.
And the surprise stash – wow what a surprise!

Kak Noor gave me her handmade bag made from LV monogram inspired cotton fabric! Her work is awesome, the bag is very well made!

Aisha took one look at it and immediately grabbed it for herself. It's the perfect size for her.
To Kak Noor, a big THANK YOU for the stash. Please visit her blog to find out more about her crafts.
Meanwhile I've sent my stash to my partner Aimila. Visit her blog to find out what I sent for this Stash Swap. I'm not sure if Hani wants us to make something from the stash as the next activity. But if she does, I'm in! This is so much fun! J


  1. how wonderful to have a stash swap.. a good way to build up your stash and get some different fabric that you normally might not get for yourself in return..

  2. cantik beg @ surprise stash dari kak noor!

  3. beshnya stash swap tu,kan? you are lucky to have that 'LV'. I can't wait to see your 'final product' with the given FQs.


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