Sunday, 6 December 2009

Gracie V-Neck Dress and Sweet Retro Dress

We are attending the wedding of a distant cousin today. The girls, of course, need new dresses ;)

Hanan's dress is actually a v-neck top pattern (view C) from Portabellopixie Gracie by Sandi Henderson.
I made an unwise decision with this dress when I cut it one size smaller than Hanan's usual 2T. I honestly thought it would be a bit on the bigger size (some patterns are like that). Note to self: Your baby is growing, when it comes to dresses, better roomy than tight J But of course Hanan loves it because her big sis has a new dress too.

I sewed a sweet & simple, retro inspired dress for Aisha from this Japanese sewing book (ISBN9784834724189, pattern no. 39). I love it!!

I omit the ribbon ties for the dress. And my biggest accomplishment here is the centred zipper, yeay! I wanted this dress to work so much I took the necessary, not for lazy girl action i.e hand basting!

I basted the seam allowance first, then the zipper. There is a reason why all sewing guide books recommend this, the result is so neat and professional, saves me from the heartache of a botched sewing project.

I used vintage inspired roses print Japanese cotton for the dresses. The dusky pink and green stripes trim fabric on Hanan's dress is Kaffe Fasset's shot cotton.


  1. zura...beautiful dresses....i love the sleeves of hanan's dress...aiysha looks pretty in her new dress...

  2. both girls look very luvly with their new dress :-)

  3. aisha look so sweet n pretty.. pandai dia posing sweet gitu.. :-)
    baju hanan tu taklah nampak ketat kan tapi in my opinion if you add another tier, it will look just nice. those flower print memang saya suka sangat.. good job!

  4. lovely dresses and Aisha is a natural in front of the camera.. Love Hanan's cute dress, I love everything with ruffles :D your girls are very lucky to have such a talented mommy thet love sewing for them.. so what did you wear to the wedding?? any pics?

  5. thank you friends! love all your sweet comments, really made my day :)

    nima - i love the sleeves too! better coverage than a thin spagetti straps :)

    mai (maya) - thanks my fren!

    neeza - awww...tq..just saw Zahra's dress too & it's gorgeous!

    kak haida - caya tak Aisha bila tgk kain tu dia kata "Very vintage mummy!". I can't believe my 9yo pandai sebut vintage LOL...baju Hanan tu sedih la..ketat kat bodice..nak kena alter lepas ni..

    My Botang - tq so much! Aisha is indeed a natural and she's very photogenic..she's growing up too fast though, I feel like I'm rushing to capture her younger years in pictures :) What I wear to the wedding? Eheheh...nothing worth showing, I've become secondary in this blog lol :D

  6. Dearest Zura,

    Im a silent reader to yr blog and i find you so very talented!!

    Keep d pics cuming...i enjoy yr blog so mch!!

    Warmest Regards,
    Sarah Sincity

  7. Zura what lovely dresses... I also wanted to thank you for the shirred top tutorial, I tried to make one and am happy with the result. You can view it on my blog.

  8. hi sarah! thank you so much for visiting and leaving such sweet comment, i truly appreciate it :). i just love to sew (and photography) and i'm still learning. do drop by often ya? :)

    preeta - i saw the top and i love it! thank you for trying my tute and well done! :)

  9. oooo, i love both dresses!! been meaning to ask you, all this pattern/fabrics is banyak from US, you beli direct ker or ade supplier in msia?

  10. hi zura. Both dresses are really beautiful and the most important, both of them are lucky to have a mother like you.

  11. aida - tq babe :) I ni kan, chronic gatherer huhu..been collecting (and also selling) fabric for years. Japs & linen i beli local je, kat sini ada. but designer 100% cotton & patterns tu i buy online, mostly on etsy.

    aimila - hi! so happy to see your comment, tq :) I work full time, so I've a lot of guilt as I'm not able to be with my kids all the I sew and get my daughters involved, I think it's good for the soul :)

  12. Dearest Zura,

    i thnk u are super amazing la and talented!!! SERIOUS!!

    i dont have dat mch bakat like u when it comes to sewing..can even handle d sewing machine! ha!

    i have a gal arnd 5yrs and i lurve to see dos dresses dat u sewed for yr gals...nak ambik upah tak eh?? hehehhe...just trying my luck la

    anyways, keep in touch!

    Sarah Sincity

  13. I love the dresses you made! The fabrics are so pretty too! Where do you get your fabrics?

  14. sarah - I get a lot of the same request from friends & thinking perhaps I can take custom order but based on standard size instead of made to measure (I tak konfiden jahit ikut ukuran hehe)...anyway please email me ya? I tak jumpa your email, we can discuss via email. thank you sarah!

    sachiko - thank you for visiting my blog & your comment :) these fabric I purchased here in Kuala Lumpur, in our local fabric stores. They are lightweight Japanese cotton :)

  15. Bu! mana dia mine & Nyah's pjs?? Err.. baju aisyah cantik. Can do my size ka?

    Muuaaahhhhhh.... EI

  16. ezza, i know it's you! - let me try my size first, if fit can try yours. eh, i thought your closet's bursting already :P

  17. your girls look so classsy in those dress. macam sudah besar posing2 gitu! :)

  18. I agree - very classy and Aisha looks half grown up in her dress! Hanna's dress is very baby doll :) in comparison and just as beautiful!


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