Sunday, 13 December 2009

Lazy Days Skirt 2

I made another pair of Lazy Days Skirts for the girls before going to the mall for some grocery shopping. This time I used printed fabric along the brown and pink theme.

Hanan gets the fun Wendy Slotboom. I only have 1 yard of the fabric so I cut it in half for the skirt and have half a yard left for other projects. But, I noticed after sewing that the skirt is a bit long on Hanan. There goes my measuring skill again (or obviously the lack of it lol!).

Aisha chose the fabric herself. She wanted the Matryoshka Russian Dolls print by Heather Ross. The thing is this print is so precious to me. It's cute and whimsical and I've had it in my stash for a long time, I just couldn't bear cutting it.

But for the love of my daughter, I let her have it. Figured, the whole purpose of me purchasing cute fabrics in the first place is to sew something out of it! I still have around a quarter yard left which is plenty. Aisha's so smitten with the dolls and she just love the skirt.

Wishing you a creative weekend, have a great one!


  1. pretty they are...

  2. beautiful..... skirts Zura,and nice prints.

  3. Love it, so pretty and that fabric is gorgeous i feel your pain about cutting gorgeous fabric LOL its torture!

  4. beb.. baju hanan tu macam buleh tiru.. :D :D

  5. hi zura,
    nice and simple skirt. I like both prints. May i know fabric name / designer for Hanan's? thanks :)

  6. The brown n pink prints is delicious and matryoshka doll is pretty cute!

    and i love the skirt's trim too :)

  7. awww...thank you ladies for the sweet comments..they are the simplest skirts to sew, great way to showcase pretty prints too.

    maya (mai) - baju t-shirt beli tu, tapi memang leh tiru, comel kan? nanti dah jait ajar aku ekk...hehe

    J - Hi! The fabric designer is Wendy Slotboom, from her fun Lilypond line, real kiddie prints there :)

  8. Both skirts are sew cute! Funny too, I have the same ribbon in my stash!

  9. Hi Zura, I'm like..3 years late but better late than never ;-). I can't wait to start sewing this 'lazy skirt' and I hope it will turn out as good as yours. Take care.


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