Saturday, 28 November 2009

Basic Children’s T-Shirt from Adult’s Tee Refashion

I've wanted to do this for quite some time. When Aisha said today that she doesn't have enough simple t-shirt to wear with the skirts I made for her I know I can't delay it any longer. I made her a basic t-shirt from an old adult tee and embellished with fabric appliqué. This is a simple, no pattern project and of course many mamas have figured this out. What fun this project is!

I took some pictures in the process but figured this is perhaps too basic a project for a tutorial. I used the tracing method coz it's fast and cheap, perfect for a t-shirt meant for daily wear. I might put it up if I get enough request though J

The appliqué is my first ever fabric appliqué using fusible web. Love how it turned out! I just cut up a fun floral motif from Sandi Henderson's fabric scrap from previous project, fused it to the t-shirt and used zig zag stitch around the edges. I think what matters most is Aisha loves the comfy t-shirt.

I'm relishing my current state of sewing skill. I could feel it's improving with each craft project. I've never attended any formal sewing class or anything. I just have this huge appetite for knowledge on this hobby of mine. I devour the books and learn from resources on the net as well as sewing patterns. I wish all this will rub off on my children. I want them to revisit this space often too. Hope they will grow up with beautiful souls and a much more meaningful life.....


  1. Oh, I would love to see how you did it! If it's not too time consuming to write one, I'd love to see a tutorial. :)

  2. sooo cute. the applique looks like it been printed on the fabric. i never attend any formal sewing class too. for me, passion is the most important thing. good luck! :)

  3. zura, really glad if u could share the tracing method with us. And I'm agree with Alviana~ passion is the most important thing.

    nak hadiah apa ek?

  5. thank you for your sweet comments ladies! the tutorial is comning up, i'm working on it :)

  6. huda - thanks cik da (Aisha cakap hehe) will be this weekend if sempat. haa...cik da kena pos hadiah ni hihi...nanti kak zura email some ideas :)

  7. Heiya, Thanks for stopping by at my humble blog. Wow, love your creation and the bright colours you use in many of your projects. Would love to see how you did the applique, it does look like it was printed on the fabric rather than stitched..

  8. Simple, and adorable:) Very age-appropriate. Your daughters are beautiful, m'A, and the older one has a KILLER smile!:)

  9. my botang - thank you! i love your blog too as i love anything japanese :)

    sabrina - hi! thank you for visiting my blog :) yes, Aisha is getting prettier by the day, I just wish she'd put on a little bit more weight :) btw, i love youe blog!! wow!


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