Thursday, 9 October 2014

Nautical Shirt - A Little Boy Sewing

Honestly, I have sewn very few boy's clothing ....I sort of want to wait for Erfan to be bigger for me to sew some clothing for him. How silly is that? I know I have to sew more for him and I find it hard to be inspired with boy's clothing sigh....

When a customer asked me to sew a shirt for her big boy, I said yes, secretly hoping perhaps I'd be inspired to sew for Erfan after sewing this shirt.

Well, it's true!! I am feeling very inspired! I love this nautical shirt I made for my customer and I really wanna make one for baby Erfan now! 

I used a pattern called Boy's Shirt Pattern No.7 by E+M Patterns. This is a size 7, the pattern was a breeze to sew. Excellent instructions and I love how the designer included a clean, durable finishing method as an option to the normal serger.

Here are some detail pics of the shirt. I omitted the pocket this time though.

I simply love the functional buttons on the shoulders, perfect for a nautical themed shirt :)

The smallest size however is size that Erfan is almost 18 months old, I think I can make one now in size 2 and if it's still a bit too big for him, we'll wait a few more months for him to grow into it. Am already selecting some fabrics for him. Will definitely blog about it once it's done.

For now, here's my cheeky lil angel! :D


  1. cantik!
    saya pun takde menjahit untuk anak2 saya.. seluar tidur pun x terjahit2.. huhuhu..
    dah 18 mths dah erfan.. anak saya dah 16 mths..

    1. Cepat sangat besar diorang ni kan?....I pun need to curi masa nak jait for dak kecik ni


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