Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Weekend at Colmar

This will be a picture diary of our little family getaway to Colmar Tropicale awhile ago...hubby had a 2 days workshop there so we took the opportunity to have a little escapade. We didn't get to visit many of the attractions there such as the horse riding park. We only managed to go and see the Japanese Village which was really awesome. I love Colmar and its scenic highland view. And the chilly weather, made me forget that we are in a humid tropical country lol...enjoy the pics!

This is the face of a happy girl once we're settled in the hotel room lol!

At breakfast, my Aisha's portrait of mummy reading a magazine in front of her :D

At the resort. The girls felt like they are in a princess castle, complete with swan lake! Yes, on one end there's a pond with 2 white swans & colorful fish and on the other end there was a black swan, looking all regal yet lonely. I found it almost a disturbing take on some of life's cruelties, silly me....

At Japanese Village...such a beautiful, scenic place. I felt like we were in an old Japanese movie with a tiny hut deep in the forest lol...it was quite a climb getting there..we were a few thousand feet above sea level...

Some random tourist-y pics lol...the top pic is the hotel room, I simply love the vintage French decor. All in all, family time well spent & I'd love to go again and explore other places & activities there.

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